Friday, October 06, 2006

The Cave,The Wild & Tom-Yum Goong....

What's the best thing that you can do when you are sick and walking 10 minutes too makes you tired like that you have climbed Mount Everest?Exactly you watch movies :-)!So that's what I am doing from some days as my health is a bit shaky from last many days.  So I watched these 3 movies and here is my opinion on them:
The Cave
I do no like movies which are much dark movies and whatever is happening is happening in a dark environment.  All you can see, hear is some shouting, cries but nothing clear is there in front of you. The Cave was no different than that.  I guess there was nothing new that I saw in the movie.  Monsters killing people, people running and shouting, out of all who shows in the starting of the movie, 2/3 makes it to the end.  Movie starts with a punch but loses its entire charm till the end.  Won't say that I wasted my 2 hours but I am certainly not going to watch it again either.
Tom-Yum Goong
Tony Jaa, with his first movie, Ong-Bak , broke all the records and gave martial-arts and movie world a true action and martial-arts hero.Ong-Bak had everything which one would want to see in a true martial-arts action flick.  Excellent fight choreography, interesting story with interesting characters, on the whole a total entertainment package.  So what happens when you make a brilliant movie like that and comes with another movie?You are expected to deliver way better than before.  When I started watching Tom-Yum Goong , I was really expecting the same that this would be far better in every term than OngBak.But I was disappointed to see that there was nothing which I could say, that it was better than OngBak.Truely speaking, better is not the right word to use.  It was not at that level even!Story was on the same track.  Fight choreography can be called a little okay but there was nothing which was missing in OngBak.I would say,it was far excellent in the OngBak.I finished the movie just coz it was a Tony Jaa movie and I wanted to see the ending.  But that too disappointed me.  I have no problems with sequels but it must be better than the former release.  Lets see what comes next?Fingers  crossed!!
The Wild
The Wild  again a comic flick from Walt Disney.  Excellent movie!That's all I can say!I enjoyed watching it so much and moreover, I smiled so much!All the characters were superb in the movie.  Story wasn't so much extra ordinary but still it doesn't let you get bore while watching the movie.  If you like comic movies and love cartoons like me, you must watch this movie.  You wont be disappointed :-)!


Blogger Tim... said...

That Tony Jaa film is called Warrior King in the UK and it's released on DVD on October 31st. I've got it on order, but it doesn't sound like its something to wait for :(

I got the feeling from the trailer that it was just the same thing all over again. I guess it's pretty hard to top the action sequences in Ong Bak.



October 06, 2006 7:06 PM  
Blogger Aman.... said...

Its the same thing all over again
I said the same thing to myself sir when I started watching it.Its nearly the same story plus similar sort of martial-arts action.For the fight scenes too,I liked the fight scenes of this guy,Johny Nguyen much more than that of Tony Jaa.Though they were just 2 but still they left a mark on me.Ong-Bak was far far better than it.

October 06, 2006 9:08 PM  

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