Monday, October 16, 2006

A New Beginning....

Marriage is one of the most happiest and life changing events that can happen to one in his/her life.  There is no strength,no joy which can be compared to that trust,assurance that someone is with you,no matter what will be the time,conditions and circumstances may be!That strength one gets when he/she ties knot with his/her soulmate.This happiest moment has come now in my friend Jatin's life when he has met his better half, Deepti on 24th of September.  A pre-engagement ceremony was organized by the families of both Jatin and Deepti.I was not able to join  this auspicious occasion coz of my travel routines but my wishes for both Jatin, Deepti are always going to be there,doesn't matter where I am!My heartiest wishes are and forever will be with you Jatin,Deepti!Wish you have this world's joy,happiness  and success forever!Hopefully I won't miss the grand ceremony :-).
Here is the couple.  Click on the pic to see the whole album.


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