Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Moment Of Rejoice & Heartiest Thanks....

Sometimes, when you are sitting alone and you are so much upset, out of nowhere something happens which brings a smile on your face.  That moment becomes so much special and happiest moment for you!Similar sort of moment came for me yesterday.  I was feeling very much upset last night.  Just when I was going to switch off my pc, I just refreshed my bloglines account page to see whether there were any new posts from my favorite blogs?I found that there was one post and which was from one of my( and I am sure favorite of millions other like me) favorite blogs, Tim Hall's Oracle-Base blog. I just clicked to read it and what I see is that it has a link to one of my posts.  OH GOSH!I immediately checked out my blog and found the comment of Tim that my post was a good one and it made everyone laugh.  I had no words to describe my happiness.  It was one of the most exciting moments for someone who never knew what does a blog mean even when he started it?As much upset and sad I was few moments ago, way more than that, I was happy now!And that's all was coz of Tim!I just want to give my heartiest thanks to you Sir that you liked that post of mine this much and gave it space on your blog!You are really the best!


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