Sunday, October 01, 2006

Finally Finished....

With me, the biggest problem  that I am facing now a days is that I don't have my own laptop so I am not able to catch up with my favorite blogs when I travel.Yes I can read them at the workplace but I do not like to do that.  I prefer to read them in my own privacy.  So whenever I travel I miss reading them which creates a backlog for me to finish when I am back home.  This time, I wasn't around for almost 20 days so there was a HUGE backlog which was there for me to finish.  But despite this time there was too much to read and I am sick as well, I have managed to finish reading all my favorite blogs rather more quickly than any time before.  Believe me its true!  How did it happen?No idea :-).But I am back on the track now and I am  :-).


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