Monday, October 30, 2006

Finally After A Long Wait....

Blogging is getting very much popular and there are a lot of Oracle related blogs which are mentioned in my favorite lists.  But some elite gurus are still not into the blogging and all that. But no doubt, we all want to read from them in a different style or I should say in a light manner as compared to the normal talks and presentations they give.
Jonathan Lewis needs no introduction when it comes to Oracle and Oracle Database.  He is among the most knowledgeable Oracle professionals in the  world.  His site  is a great resource for some of the finest information about how Oracle works?But still uptil now, a formal blog from him was missing.  So finally, after a long wait from the entire Oracle community, he has started writing his scratch pad .Do check it for sure if you really are interested in knowing some hard facts but with proofs and for me time to update my blogroll!                          


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