Sunday, October 01, 2006

Going For An Interview?Wait....

Now a days, it is more often that we are switching jobs.  So there are more times than before that we have to face interviews.  Even if one is not switching (that means he/she is not already employed) and is a fresher, sooner or later, he/she has to sit and face one!You can't change it and you definitely don't want to be unsuccessful in one too.  So if your going for an interview very soon or you are going to appear in it later future, before going, have a read of the following tips to avoid some common errors that you can make in an interview and 50 most common interview questions and their answers.  Well answers are in general but they will give you a good baseline what to say when you will be asked the same question.  I found these when I was stumbling over net.  I found them quiet useful so thought will share with you all.  Very common stuff but still useful I guess.  Check out the links given below:


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