Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I should have been on bed now and sleeping. There is a really tough session that I am handling right now which has become even more tougher since there is just so much of pain that I am having in my throat and left ear for reason that only god must be knowing. I can’t turn my neck around even easily and if I push myself to, the pain is more than what words can tell. And the icing on the cake is that the mind is just lost in so many thoughts. I wish I could find some sleep, peace and smiles from somewhere, anywhere but seems like that it’s wishing too much!


I guess I really did wish too much and may be god is really having a lot of quota of pain for me. I guess, the pain already within heart and the recent one, within ear and throat wasn’t enough because have got the right elbow hit severely in the morning with a deep cut which did bleed a lot and also the left knee, which got hit and is hurting equally badly like the elbow. And irony is, today’s day at the session is one of the toughest days in this entire module. Oh well!


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