Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Me and Happy Holi To All Of You….

First of all, I wish you all a very happy Holi( you can check another link as well) . I guess there is some confusion about when it is this year because some are saying that’s its today and some are saying that it’s tomorrow. The official holiday is tomorrow so I hope, most would be celebrating it tomorrow only. But whenever it may be, I still wish you all a very happy and colorful Holi and I hope you would celebrate it with your friends and family in full swing. I am not at my home and that goes without saying that I am missing not being there but still, the condition that I am right now, I guess, it was a good decision not to travel back to home and then again travel the next day to the destination where I am going tomorrow. There is a change of my program due to which I shall be on the travel. Actually there are couple of changes which did happen in the traveling schedule of mine and the last change came out to be the final one. Its a bit confusing but I shall try to explain still.

After my last program at Banglore, I was supposed to extend the program there only. That’s what was planned initially. Then I got a call that there is a messed up program for which I am supposed to go to Delhi and handle it. After knowing what happened and who is the client, well, I shall be honest, I was really tensed. Though I had handled the same module couple of times but still, there was this nervous feeling within me. Anyways, so initially, there was a five day program which I had to handle. But then, something happened and it got changed to  3 day program which was starting from Wednesday(of this week). Thanks to this, I got a little free time(which turned out to be a really busy time though but still was so good :)) at home. So after that, finally, it was time for me to travel and to start the program. As I mentioned, the moment I stepped in, it became evident that the nervous feeling wasn’t just like and there are all the reasons for me to feel it. Though the delegates were really friendly, co-operative, still, I can’t say that it was a piece of cake for me to get through. Just I know how did I make myself come out from the module using all of the technical knowledge that I have. It proved to be a lot LOT harder but still, all is well that ends well and fortunately, I got some REALLY good comments and rating from the delegates. I won’t put the rating and the comments here but both are really good and given the client and it’s profile, I have been told that it’s quite an achievement for me to get that kind of rating. Am I happy? Surely I am. It’s always good to see that you have been awarded with some good and kind words when you have really worked so hard for it. So thanks a lot all who were there in the session. It was a pleasure to meet you all and discuss some things with you all related to Oracle. I hope I shall see you all very soon in some another program.

Coming back to the travel schedule shuffling which did happen, as I said, I was originally going to stay at Banglore but then was sent to Delhi. Now after this, I had a program starting next week at another location(where I am going tomorrow). BUT, when I landed up Delhi, I got the news that because of a very crucial program starting next week at Delhi itself, I am now swapped on a special demand to be at Delhi only. Obviously, the program of the other location was now to be given to someone else. I wasn’t too happy from this(though I was happy that I shall be at Delhi where I come very very less often) because I really wanted to go that other location and want to meet some very close friends of mine. It’s been a long time that I have met them and I was really looking forward to see them. When there are people who are really happy to know that you are coming to see them, it just makes you so happy too when you are that location unlike to see this that even when you did go through from so many troubles to travel so far to see someone just to see that it doesn’t matter at all, neither when you are there nor when you are back and the worst is, you are told that whatever all you did, it was only “just for you and for yourself” . Anyways, so I wasn’t happy but work is work and being called specially for a program means a lot so I just made up my mind that I shall be with my friends Ankit, Preet and Gurjeet at Delhi. All was looking fixed un till last evening when I came to know that the program of next week at Delhi is cancelled. Hmm okay no probs, I said to myself because I was thinking that I shall go for the actually scheduled program of mine. But then I came to know that that program is now assigned to someone else leaving me free for almost 10 days. Hmm okay, well you lose some and you get some. I wasn’t going to meet my friends and won’t be working but still, I would be at home with family so it was actually a very good thing. BUT then again, I got another call that the person who was going to do the program as my replacement, is now struck up in something else so it’s me only who would be now going for it. Confused? Well, it' is a little confusing for sure. Anyways, the bottom line is that I am now going for the same program for which I was originally assigned and was going for and the travel for it would start tomorrow. There is another small change of travel schedule that I myself did though.

If you have read the last post, you must be knowing that I have got my right elbow really badly hit along with a wound over it making it almost impossible to move even an inch too. One can imagine the pain from this that I can’t even put the elbow on the solid surface and has to keep  it on some pillow or something delicate. I didn’t notice before but I realized the other night that I have got my lower left leg and foot also hit very severely. Also, I have a hairline fracture on my left elbow joint (thanks to a very old but VERY severe accident) which has started hurting so badly , I don’t know why. Needless to say that due to this, I am not in a very good condition to travel so much. And just to remind that I am having very severe pain in my left ear and throat for god-knows-what reasons. When I came to know that I am having a week free, I decided to go back to home. But when I came to know that I am now again going to travel on Sunday, my mom asked me very strongly not to travel at all in such condition for just a day to come to home and stay at Delhi only. I was already at the bus-stand when I got the call from her. Though I was very keen to come back, even if it was for just a day,I agreed to what she said and took a return cab. It turned out to be a good decision because the pain in the elbow became really so much and I was feeling feverish (may be because of the pain only) too. So  I am now here at Delhi only with Ankit and Preet. Its been a long time since we have all been together (still Sidhu is not here as he is also traveling) so we shall try to go somewhere in evening. Hope we would have some fun and in that,I can forget some of the pains, both of outside and inside , for some moments.


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