Friday, March 25, 2011

(Rare) Good Times….

It’s true. It’s not very often that I shall be having some fun moments and when it happens, it’s a really important thing for me. That’s the same which happened yesterday when me and my friend Sidhu went along to one, buy a cap for him, two, have a look at two malls and three, have dinner outside somewhere.

I don’t normally go anywhere when I am in the session. It’s not that I am not willing but I get so tired when I am in the session that after coming back to my hotel/guesthouse, all I want to do is to take some rest, study if needed and then try to get some sleep. But I do like to check the place and if possible, to go out if I have a chance and I can manage my work after coming back. And if I get a company of someone, the whole thing becomes really easy and fun-filled. That the same which did happen this time when I am here at Hyderabad. This time, I am having a lot of people with me here whom I don’t get a chance to meet very often which includes some of my friend very close and good friends from here. And by chance, Sidhu is also here for some work of his from last week( and is going to be here next week as well). I knew that already and when I spoke with him before coming here, we already sort of decided that we shall be going somewhere in the evenings. But unfortunately, when I reached here, I wasn’t feeling so well so I just slept off. Next day onwards, we did try to make the plans but either I was struck in something or Sidhu. So finally we did decide for sure that we shall go, no matter what. Once we decided the plan, now it was time to execute the plan.

Both me and Sidhu were working so we decided to go from office directly. Sidhu came to my office from where we decided we would go to our destination, GVK One mall. Sidhu wanted to buy a cap for him so we thought that we would look at the mall, check out some showroom for a cap and then we would move to some another place. So from my office, we went to the GVK One mall. I hadn’t been to that mall before and I found it to be a good one. We got veg-snackers from KFC and after that we checked the caps at different showrooms and as expected, we didn’t like any one of them. It was getting late and we were feeling hungry so we thought that we would check some place for dinner. Given the fact that we both are geeks, an intelligent thought came in Sidhu’s mind to use Google Maps to find some place to eat and we did find one, Barbeque Nation, a place which Sidhu told that he had tested at  Calcutta. Given the fact that he wont pick a place again if its not good, we started walking towards it, obviously using the maps. We did find the place and also, a table also for us (it was fully packed). Once we made ourselves comfortable, we were struck by a surprise news and that was that there was only a buffet system which was being offered there and one was not allowed to place his own choice of meals. Well, not something that we wanted so we just left. In front of us, it was  Hyderabad City Centre mall. We actually thought to go there after dinner but now we had to go there now as our last hope to find some place to dine. About the mall, well it’s a good one but somehow, I didn’t like the design of it much but that’s me. Now, it was my turn to suggest some place and in that mall, there was Sahib Sindh Sultan which I checkout out at Banglore with a friend of mine. Needless to say, I did like the place and obviously the food as well. So we both decided to check it out and and gladly, I did find both, the place and the food the same as I found it back at Banglore. After having a really good dinner, we finally started for our guesthouses.

It was a great fun to be with Sidhu and to forget for some time all the tensions and pains for some time. I shall be here for the next week as well leaving me with a weekend free. Let’s see if I can find some good way to spend it :) .

I was going to close the post with the note that it was a really good time spent, something which is rare for me to experience but I guess, there was the last cherry on the cake which was missing when I am sitting and counting good times. And that came when I got a call from Sidhu to tell me that India has won the match against Australia in the quarter finals of the world cup 2011 and have made the Australian team pack their bags and fly back to home. Also, I think, it’s the end of the captaincy of Ricky Ponting ( Australian cricket team captain) as well. Well, those who know me really well, they are aware about the fact that I don’t like cricket much, not a big fan of it and never was. Still, the news made me REALLY happy! I did switch on the tv to watch the highlights and it was a terrific win indeed. Talk about rare good times, I think, this is a really good and rare one, at least for me indeed! Time to be on the bed now because I still have a working day tomorrow waiting for me. Hope the good times continue for me there in the session as well!

Before I close the post, here is the link (to an already existing album) to some of the random pics that I took from my phone. Signing off!


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