Sunday, March 27, 2011

Amazing Poetry(Once Again)-2….

Yes, this is the continuation of the first part. I was looking for some good poetry when I read the below one. After the first read, I still was reading them again and again since I liked them so very much. One, because the poetry is amazing and second, it’s so true what is said in just two lines. So without further delay, here they are,

Naa jane kis ko pasand aa gayi hai meri aankhon ki nami,

Main hansna bhi chahoon to ye palkein bheeg jaati hain!


Here is its translation in English,

I don’t know who likes so much my wet eyes,

Even if I want to smile, these eyelids become wet.


Here is the 2nd one,

Har baar wo kyun mujhe chhod jata hai tanha,

Main mazboot to bahot hoon magar pathar to nahin!


And it’s translation in English,

Why does she always leaves me alone,

I am strong but still not a stone!


Here is the 3rd one and my most favorite,

Wajood sheeshe ka ho to patharon se muhabbat nahi karte Mohsin,

Ehsaas-e-chahat na mile to hasti bikhar jaya karti hai!


And it’s translation in English is,

If you existence is of glass then don’t fall in love with stones,

If one can’t find feelings of affection then the very existence of his shatters into pieces.

There is a quote, it takes two to tango. And it’s just so true. It takes nothing to be happy but it takes a lot to make someone else happy. It takes nothing to be loved but it takes so much to actually and truly love someone else. When it’s two people, its a must that the second person must also put in the same amount of efforts in doing some thing(anything) like the first person. There is nothing in this world which happens without getting up and doing it, for example, without picking up needle, its not possible to stitch torn clothes, without getting up, its not possible to complete a journey. Heck, even if you want to be in the heaven, you need to die first to make it happen. You can’t expect someone else to die for the sake of  putting you in heaven! In the same way, its not possible that rather than actually putting efforts in doing something and making things happen, all if one does is just talk about it, says that yes I shall do it yes I shall do it, things would happen on their own. To be somewhere, you have to get up, do efforts, make plan and then only its possible that you can be at that place. You can’t just sit and make plans(which you always know, are not going to work and are just good for nothing) and expect that things would work on their and when they don’t, just shrug shoulders and say, its not meant to happen. It doesn’t work like that. And if there are two people and one has done something, the least what the other person can do is to support him in his efforts and can understand that it takes a lot to do any thing (even it may not have any importance in the eyes of that person for whom it was done) and if one takes that much of pain despite of all the previous wrong things that had hurt him so much, there must be  a better reason behind it than just because he wanted to do something for his own happiness. If one tries to climb a mountain, travels across oceans to just to see someone, bears so much of pain and faces so many troubles about which he may not have shared even with anyone else and kept all just to himself, it can be just because of one reason that for the person this all is done, he must be having that much importance that all this appears to be worthy of being done despite all the efforts, troubles and pain went inside to make it happen. It hurts so much to see when you do your best to create a moment of smile for someone, try your best to make her a little happy, to see a shine in her eyes, without expecting anything else except just this that that person just understands all this. She may not even appreciates it  but just can see this much that despite all the troubles, it was all done just for her, for the love that is for her, to make her smile,  if not much just a little, and with just one wish that seeing her happy would make that stupid person a little happy too who is doing all that.  But when you see that it matters nothing for the other person and hear that all what that the other person can say is that, “it was your own wish, I didn’t ask you to do it”, it hurts! It really hurts, much more than what words can ever possibly explain! And those who has never done anything for their beloved ones, they can’t understand how these words hurt and cut the heart like a red hot knife has been used to puncture it. Lots of time it’s said, don’t expect anything but is it too much to seek just a little love, few smiles and happiness from your beloved? Is it too much to wish that just for once, someone just doesn’t say anything but actually goes ahead and does it too or at least and understands the meaning and efforts put in whatever was done for her? I guess it is actually too much to ask for when you don’t matter compared to someone’s own wishes and dreams. And if that person only doesn’t matter then neither would his love, care, affection and emotions nor would those stupid things too which he ever did. And if this happens to be case, its truly too much to expect that someone would ever understand  that what that idiot must have felt being hurt again and again again and has to see that even those tears coming from his eyes are also considered nothing but worthless drops of water, nothing less or more than that. When its not “us” but “me” for one, the other person has to pay the price and its always paid by giving your smiles, happiness, by being hurt and  being in tears. When the important goals for one always were a better career, life, education in abroad and the other things such as these two, it’s not possible for that person to see anything beyond it. And if that’s the matter,  understanding the other person, his love , his feelings, emotions, and this that what he did and why,  all doesn’t seem to be such an important thing to spend time upon. Its so easy to say that “I have to be selfish for myself, for my dreams”. Its just so easy to give pains, tears and cries to the other person, hurt him that much that he just longs for death and still to say to say to him that “there is no fault of mine, I didn’t do anything” .  But what most don’t understand that, like its said in the last poetry, if that understanding of what has been done and why is not there, that look is not there in the eyes to see the love, efforts, emotions, feelings and tears, cries of other person because those eyes are being already so busy to look for just what one wants for  her own self in the life, it shatters the other person completely and permanently and ruins his entire self for the rest of his life, puts him on a journey whose end is nothing but death. And the worse is, even while one is on the way of that journey of death, he  still has to die every moment slowly and painfully, thanks to those endless pains, tears, wounds and cries which were rewarded to him not by someone else but by his own love and just for one mistake of his that unlike his beloved, he didn’t choose to think about him first and gave his own self any priority. That because he never did bother about himself at all because he thought, its not him what matters but it’s his beloved and her smiles, happiness without knowing that even that would be considered as a crime. He never did do or think anything else beyond his love and how to make her smile and happy, to give her all the love that he could possibly has in his heart with just one wish, that as much as much as he loves his beloved, wants her to be happy and smiling, even it may take to give up his own wishes, smiles and happiness, if not that much and just a little, and just a little only, he also would get a little love, few smiles and happiness. Is it too much to wish for? May be it is because all what he got in the reward for doing all that was a label of “selfish”, “self-centered”  and a punishment to collect his own tears whenever he is with just himself, to collect broken pieces of his own heart which got shattered again and again under the feet of his beloved. All what one can do is to see that how severely and deeply,  those broken pieces of heart hurt him, bleed his soul and make the last and only gift given by his beloved too drop from the eyes drop by drop.

I always have said many times, it takes two to clap but just one to slap. Likewise, to create happiness, it takes the efforts from both the persons but to give pains, tears and cries, only one is required because the other one would have to bear it. Like it’s not ever possible to be felt by a knife how it’s penetration within heart hurts it and how deep that pain hurts, in the same way, its too easy to give pains to someone else and be happy because only who has got pains and tears has to figure out that how he has to live a life which would be a lot better if its gets over but may be even that’s too much to ask and wish for. May be its the punishment of being in a world which is of the people who think from mind than from heart, evaluate pros and cons in everything, what’s the best for them and always to give the biggest priority to themselves and to their dreams and wishes. And if there is something or someone which is going to be  in-between those wishes and dreams, it’s better to kick that obstacle or that person aside, without even bothering to look that what happened to that person and how many tears and cries are written in his fate. Doesn’t matter how much one is hurt, is in pain, how much one cries and even he dies, nothing matters because the mantra of this world and its people is that “I have to be selfish for my dreams and to make them come true”, a way of life which I never could understand and never would be able to do too. I still don’t know what is right, whether to follow the heart or the mind and to be honest, looking at the world and its people, I think those who follow the heart, its just a matter of time that they would find it being crushed and its broken pieces given as a gift to them and make them think that what’s so wrong they did, what was their fault in the first place, a question whose answer is not possible to find at least in this life time.


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