Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Busy Days….

Yes, I am being really busy. There are tons of things that I am handling, doing at this moment and despite being so tired doing all of those things, it still makes me feel so satisfied and happy because all of those things are for my sister.
As I mentioned in my last post, I was out for the whole day yesterday for shopping and there was nothing that I wanted to get for myself. It was all for sis that I wanted to and was needed to buy for. Okay, may be I did get a little bit of something for me as well to be really honest. What was it? Well, a hair cut :) . Yes, since I am leaving tomorrow and what I knew about my schedule( which I came to know today is a little changed now) that I was going to be away for long( I am still going to be but not too far and not in a stretch) so I thought that I shall get a hair cut. Once free from there, a quest to find a specific dress for sis(I wont mention what right now). That was something which I thought would be a relatively easy process but proved to be a lot harder, especially when I was liking everything that I was seeing but it was all getting rejected by sis and her one of the closest friends Rekha.
We started from one very big store who had a lot of variety. The sales guys were very responsive and I must say, good at their work. But sis told me that they were not showing anything good. So she finally told who she is(she is a really big person in her own field, believe it or not, a really known figure) and whom she has worked with. Hearing of which, instantly the whole scenario changed. The sales guys were now more alert in what they were saying and showing. After a long time spent there with sis trying out many of the different designs, finally both she and Rekha declared that they want to look for some more designs but at some other place. They had selected some designs which they mentioned that they liked but they were not “perfect” or “different” . Well, I was the “bank” and I really don’t know much about that stuff so I all I could was to hear the experts and follow their lead and that’s exactly what I did too. It was time to go for the next store, another big one and pre-decided by sis, R.
The other store was also as bigger as the last one and like the last one, here also , couple of guys were helping us or rather sis and R to pick what they would eventually like. The sales guys there used a different approach(in their own words) and mentioned that they would show nothing but the best so that there would be less confusion to pick the stuff finally. So they displayed very less variety( which actually went against them in the last, thanks to the picky nature of sis and R) for the dress. Even then, there were two designs which all three did like a lot. After narrowing down to two designs, both sis and R few sarees as well and I must say, those were really really good. The sales guys must had thought they made it today but little did they know that whom they were dealing with. When it was time to pay, Gunajan stopped me and told the sales people that she would only pick sarees and nothing else. Upon being asked, why, she just mentioned that she would need to look at other places before she would actually pick something. It was so good to see the faces of the salesmen at that time. I am sure that they must wanted to pull their hair out( or may be wanted to pull our hair out ;-) ) . Well, there was nothing they could do and in no time, we were out and on our way to the third show room.
The third show room, like the last two, was also a very big showroom and as per the staff, they were very new and had the latest and greatest of the designs with them. Well, no design is good enough as long as it is not represented well and that's the part where the sales force of the this show room really really failed. We all really did feel that the sales staff wasn’t really keen to sell and was lost in some sort of ego. They did show us few designs which were good but looking at the way we were getting treated, we finally decided to make a move. It was also very late for lunch so I thought to take sis and Rekha to Mainland China for some snacks. Well, both the gals sort of liked the place. Okay, they did like the “place” very much but not the food and I must mention here, we didn’t eat the “normal” Chinese food there like noodles or something like that. We ‘tried’ some of the “signature dishes” of Mainland China ( in vegetarian) and soft drinks( none of us drink) . Soft drink, which was actually a blend of many things was a hit :) . But the food, it got mixed opinion and for one dish, it was called just “bad” and the entire blame for ordering it came over me :( . Well, if you do ask me, it wasn’t (so) bad at all. It was good and it was different. Anyways, we were full and after giving tip to the attendant(for which I was forced by sis) , we finally left the place. It was time to visit the next showroom and fortunately, that turned out to be the last which we visited. Everything there worked great, the staff, the designs, the price, it was all just perfect and needless to mention, we finally did get what we were looking for. As I said before, my major role was to pay but I too liked the design and above all, sis was really happy and that’s something which I want to see all the time.
It was time to now buy some other stuff which was for men(no, again not for me) which would be used in the gifts. We were planning to go somewhere but then stopped at a nearby mall. Well, the mall really needs a lots of renovation to be done over it but gladly, we did find what we were looking for. It was time to get some more stuff but for that, we needed to go to an another mall. We did find what we were looking for and finally, it was time to go back. On our way, we stopped at a place to buy slippers for my mom. While we were looking at a suitable pair for her, I decided to get one for Rekha as well. She is a really nice gal and is having a terrible personal life. Just few months back, her father passed away and the rest of the family is not really so good to her. Sis tells me all the time that she is always so happy and always asks, when is Aman Bhaiya( elder brother) is coming back? She has been there always there for sis and treats her like elder sister only and for me, she is just like my second younger sister. So I asked her to select  a pair for herself too. She kept on saying no Bhaiya but then sis also asked her so finally, she selected one. Sis later told me today that R was in tears but she was very happy and for me, thats all what counts, to see those whom I care and love happy and smiling. And when that person is someone whom I treat as my sibling, it becomes so important and mandatory that he/she must be happy because that’s what elders are meant for, to make the younger ones smile. We finally dropped her back at her home and we also came back. It was a long day but still, there was one more round which was pending, which came today.
Me and Sis left today to get some stuff for her. She asked me to get something for me as well but I said no. She asked me to check a new mall which has been open here from few weeks only. She asked me to get a new pair of shoes. Though I do want to but I still didn’t approve the idea. Well, there is nothing you can do when you are dragged to the place and that’s what happened with me as well. Finally, we were in the showroom. I did see the designs but there was nothing which I did like. Just when we were about to leave, Sis picked on t-shirt and asked me to try it. Well, I had to, there was no other choice for me. Beyond doubt, it was a good one but I didn’t want to get it. It’s not me who is important and for whom we came to do shopping. And I said the same to her as well but she said, no we need to get this t-shirt. Well, as I said, I was out of the options so I did get it. We sat at an eating joint and did talk about couple of things, people. It was getting late and we had a long list of to-do so we had to move. The next stop was another showroom from where we had to buy something( I am deliberately keeping the things hidden) for her. Fortunately, we did get a good deal and the product so we bought it. While coming from home, all asked me to get a new traveling suitcase because my old one is now almost on the verge of being retired. But I said no since it’s still working. So I wasn’t really convinced that I need a new suitcase. Again, for the same reason mentioned above, we decided to look for it. After a lots of research and visiting 3 showrooms, we finally picked one which was sis’s choice. Finally,it was time to come back.
I should had taken a rest when we reached home. But I had an Apple mac book pro that my colleague had bought, on which he wanted me to install Windows along with a dual boot to Mac. It appears to be easy and it’s really is too when you have all the media (for drivers and all) with you to go ahead. When you are not having it, you are just so limited in doing things and that’s what happened with us. After spending hours, cracking our heads, me and my friend , finally did install the Windows 7 over the machine. Still, there are couple of device drivers which we couldn’t install simply because we didn’t have them but it’s in the working condition and that’s what was asked from me to make possible.
I am done now with most of the things that I was supposed to manage. From tomorrow, its starting of a very tough session. Hope it goes fine. Pray for me all and wish me luck because I really do need it. Its time to sleep now so adios :) .


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