Monday, March 14, 2011

Back With Smile On The Face….

Yes, I’m back after a grilling yet exciting session. What seemed to be a long week, turned out that it was one of the best sessions that I have conducted.

There was nothing exciting in the travel besides that  I was going to take my flight from Chandigarh which is just 2 hours away from my place. So going there by bus doesn’t seem like a burden at all for me. It takes almost 7-8 hours for me otherwise to travel from my place to New Delhi via bus, comparing that with the two hours of travel seems like no travel to me. The flight takes almost 3.5 hours from there but thanks to the delays in the departure( due to numerous reasons out of which few actually sound genuine) , it takes about 5 hours from the actual scheduled time. But that’s still acceptable to me compared to the 10-12 hours of the time that I spend(waste) even before I reach the airport at New Delhi. Though the flight is not a low-cost carrier but still, there is no free food that’s served within the flight. If you want it, you can buy it. But normally I avoid doing so because one, its too costly. Second, I prefer to eat proper food and not the sandwiches etc and the proper food is what I already pre-order to my hotel. So its not much fun within the flight but still, there is a tons of fun that’s there in the module and definitely, from the participation and enthusiasm shown by them always and this time also, it was not different.

I always believe that it’s the delegates which make a session really lively. Though some may argue that its something which depends on the presenter but still, IMO, a major part is controlled and managed by the delegates, by that audience within the session. And I am fortunate that I have always met very nice, friendly and cooperative delegates. The number of delegates that I had in my session this time was probably the highest that I had ever in any of my sessions, 19! Still, even being such large in number and also coming from very diverse backgrounds, all the delegates shared one common thing that all were very nice, friendly and keen to know more and more about the topic and were also very cooperative to me while I was trying to discuss the module and it’s details with them. And with these qualities, they made the whole session very lively and fun filled, something which pushes me so much more to go ahead and discuss as much as I can with the delegates. Besides being so energetic, few of the delegates found some things about me as well and said to me in-person some really kind words as well, something which were one of major reasons for me to come back with a big smile on my face.

Those who know  me well, must be aware about this fact that I am not a sort of person who likes to talk about himself or tells about himself in lots of detail. I normally prefer to keep a low profile and except telling some really important things about me, I normally skip the other things which in terms of professional achievements are big and should be told(as told to me by couple of people) . But this time, few delegates did find out those things(like this that I am an Oracle ACE) and they were very happy to know those things. When we were sitting in-person outside the class. they talked to me about this and told me how happy they were to know about all this and also that I am there in the session. In addition to these, they also mentioned that I am a really nice, friendly and kind person etc etc. Well, trust me, I really feel so shy when I hear such things about me that I am so good because I don’t think I am! What credits that I have got is that I am a stubborn, not so good (or let’s just say bad only), non-undestanding person who just thinks about himself and does all what he does only for himself.  But I think when you are in a world full of people who think from brain and not from heart, in other words “practically”, who care just about their career, dreams of study in abroad, a better life, you can’t get anything better than such credits. So when you hear really nice words for you, it just feels a little strange and surprisingly pleasant.   To be honest, it feels great to hear such words for you which are really genuine as well. Besides these, on the last day of the session, I spent some time having tea and snacks with few delegates who mentioned to me that that they had attended already couple of sessions but they could see the difference between mine and other sessions very clearly. As per their words, they could see the passion within my eyes and talks that I have for oracle database and in general, within my attitude. Well, what I can say except this that I like what I do and though I don’t know anything about Oracle database but still, I am very much interested and fascinated by it. So it’s always great for me to talk about it with others to make them learn what I do and to improve myself too from the questions and doubts that are asked by the delegates. That’s all I have in my mind all the time. When I heard these so kind words for me, I was really really happy. While going back, all asked about my contact details as well which is a sign that people did like me and appreciate that little what I know about Oracle database. Thanks so much guys, I really and truly appreciate all the kind words of yours and I hope that I shall meet you soon in some another program.

After a really good session, I am back now. There is a little change of the plans for the next schedule. I have spent the entire day today doing shopping(no, not for me but for my sister) which was a great thing to do and made me really feel happy. I shall talk about it tomorrow because at the moment, my eyes are struggling to stay open :) .


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