Saturday, August 07, 2010

Yet Another Sleepless Night….

Well, not completely as I did get some sleep after I came back from the session. I am not so well so when I came back, all I could do was just to change and be over the bed! It took just minutes before I slept off. The whole body was (is) having pain like anything thanks to the fever. Headache was(is) there as well. Since Since it was a working day, I couldn’t get any rest despite that that this fever is there since last couple of days. Its tough to speak too because of the  bad throat ache and also it was tough to stand because doing so even for few minutes was making me tired like anything! To make the list complete of not-so-pleasant things, the lunch which I got was really really bad! I mean, that much bad that I even couldn’t figure out that the dish I took, what was it containing? There was no one at the stall to tell either so I just picked something about which I knew just one thing, it was a vegetarian dish! I had to drink water almost in every 30-40 minutes because the throat was getting dry constantly and with a dry throat, its really hard to speak especially when the pain is there too in it! Did I mention that the lunch was really bad?

In all of the above mentioned things which are enough to declare today( or yesterday since its already the next day) as a bad day but still, there was atleast one thing which was really good, the program and also, the participants! As I always am fortunate, this time too, the delegates were really good, friendly and supportive! I always  like that session so much where the participation of the delegates is live and I can see that whatever I am saying, that’s not a boring lecture for them but they are enjoying it and also, its going to help them! And when the delegates show that this is happening, I guess that’s the best that I can wish for from my program and for me! There is nothing better to see when you are in a public speech or in a session that your audience is liking what you are saying and when you are talking, people are not really looking at their mobile phones, reading text messages! Best, when they even forget that there is supposed to be tea time now. This time, it did happen like that only! We almost all the time, went ahead from the scheduled time and I couldn’t see anyone desperate for going to tea :-) . Some of the guys searched for me over Google and did find out that I am an Oracle ACE and they were really happy about it! Since they figured it out from my blog, they came to know about the book as well and asked me about it as well! While leaving, few delegates said some very kind words! I can’t ask for anything more to say that it was a really good program and one of the best ones that I had done! Thanks a lot guys for all the kind words that you either said to me or wrote, I appreciate it so much given the fact that I know very less about Oracle! Hope I can meet you again in some other program! Thanks for making an otherwise bad day, a real good one for me, even some part it but it was much needed!

There is one more news which I just came to know and which also has made me really, truly so happy! I have a friend whose daughter was really really sick from last 6 days! That much sick that she was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit(ICU) and also had to undergo intubation! He is so far from me and I haven’t experienced fatherhood yet but I could feel his pain so much! Since the day she was taken into the hospital and I came to know about it, I was praying that she must get completely fine as soon as possible and come back home smiling! And god did listen today when the news came that she is fine now and would be coming back to her home with her entire family! What more good I could hear that could bring a smile on my face than this! I am so happy, really really so happy that she is fine and would be coming back home and I am sure, this must be the greatest news for her entire family as well since they were all so upset and worried! Thanks god so much for making the little princess completely fine and I hope, she never ever goes through the same trauma in her life ever again!

So what I am doing sitting and writing this post now when I already slept? Well, I just slept, wasn’t dead and sleeping people wake up too and so did I :-) ! I did wake up, had water and then was on the bed again with sleepy eyes. But after a few short naps, somehow I just became completely awake and don’t know where did the sleep disappear? I had to get up early anyways because I have to leave for the airport to another city for yet another program! Fortunately, there would be some time for me to rest and hopefully, this would help in curing this sickness of mine! Let’s see whether it does happen actually or not since there are couple of tasks which are pending.  Hope in all of those tasks, there would be some (may be a little only) free time.

I shall give it one more try to catch some sleep now, hope it does becomes successful! At this moment, these two lines written by Ahmed Faraz, fit so well!

Hum se poochani hai to sitaaron ki baat puuchh Faraz,

Khwabon ki baat wo karte hain jinhen neend aati ho!


And its translation in English is ,

If you want to ask, ask me just about the stars,

Only those can talk about dreams who actually get to sleep!


Need I say anything more? Have a happy weekend!


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