Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not An Off But Still….

Its been months since I have got some time off. I have been working, traveling round the clock and there are so many times I just sit and think that when I am going to get a break, a long break when I won’t do anything except some work with Oracle, listen to music, be at home, get up late not worrying about catching a cab or an auto, not worrying or struggling to get the technical set ups done, not bothering about the module, not thinking about how tough it is, not requiring to be pist off on a bad food and many many things like these! Unfortunately, the answer to all of such questions, for the moment, is that I don’t know. I have been asked so many times that when I am going to quit this kind of life style and would adopt a normal person’s life. To be honest, at times, its too much for me as well to do what I do and on the rate at which I do but just like I said, I don’t know yet! There are certain things which are yet to be finished and as long as I am not done with them, whatever it would take, I shall keep on doing this stuff.

Anyways, though I didn’t get a break yet but I have got a bit time off which was a must for me since there are tons of things going on and without getting a break, even for a day or two, it would be impossible to finish them on time. Though it happened just like that but I am just glad that it did anyhow! I am still so tired and there was a lot of back pain that I was having just a day back but still, its just so good to be back at home. I am not having the pain at the moment but even though it would be there, I guess I won’t feel it at home :) . And also, there are some writing assignments which I need to work upon so I shall be pushing those as well. For this, I have been working since morning to get some softwares working which failed out of no reason, at least not which I could understand and even declined to get started again or even to get reinstalled! I spent so many hours doing this-that-whatever to get the darn thing fixed and the good news is that it finally did get fixed! I spent some time with the darn, ooops dear doctor who told me that I probably would need to wear a waist belt if I would not start doing some workout soon. Well, how stupid that advice is given the fact that I know it myself so darn well but the darn, yes darn doctor doesn’t know that when you work from 8am to 7pm, in a different city every week, stand for almost 6 hours, you get very less left with you in the evening when you come back to hotel room. And if on top of all this, you have to prepare yourself for the next day, this would be the last thing that you would want to see happening that due to the workout, you are forced to sleep early! Obviously I know too that I need to do workout and I am going to do that as well! If things would go as per the plans, may be the travels would be cut short and then it would be easy for me to do it. I did hear patiently what doc said though and came back home.

Its almost midnight that I should be on the bed but I don’t know where the heck the sleep went away(am I sounding angry, I guess I am) ? My eyes are wide open but the entire body is sending pain-waves to my mind telling it that probably its best to sleep but may be mind is just ignoring all such requests! So I shall just sit here for some more time, will do my writing work and wait that dear sleep would come to me and bless me! Hope it does happen before its time to officially wake up :) .


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