Monday, August 02, 2010

Working Holiday….

Its the 3rd of my so-called holiday and I didn’t even realize that I was on a break since I have worked more harder than what I do in my normal “working” routine. In my normal days of work, I work for about 10 hours and spend some 2-3 hours once back in the room, doing lots of stuff and then would try to get some sleep. If there would be a good movie coming ( like a martial-arts flick) then I would spend those 2-3 hours watching it and may be still doing the “stuff”! So that’s what I do in my working days and when it seems to be a holiday, I should be having this time for doing the “stuff” and watching movies and listening music sufficiently large enough, isn’t it? I mean that’s what the word “holiday” means that you are not going to do work but anything other than that! So based on this principle, let’s see what I did in these 3 days(today is the 3rd day) and for how long! Well, I have been extremely busy in writing chapter of my book(yes you heard it right, see on the right hand side for its cover image which would bring you to its main page as well if you would click over it) and I worked the past two days up till almost 3 am since morning! There was a tons of work pending and I couldn’t get time to do that since I was doing my sessions with just one day break in between them. Also, I did need a dedicated system where I could run and test my demos for the chapter as well which I was not able to get because either the system which were given to me didn’t have those softwares installed or I was too busy doing/solving/answering/showing some other stuff which was not related to the chapter and its demos. So it was getting delayed and was on the top of my virtual to-do list. So I decided that at any cost, I shall finish it up in this three days time. So it was essential that even if I would have to work for long hours, I would do that in order to at least able to send the first draft to the editors. So the longer hours were a must and even though, I was dead tired, I had no other choice but to get through with this.  Today was sort of an exception since most of the work was complete and after working continuously for two and half days, finally I did send the chapter to the co-author Kamran who would forward it to the technical editors after giving a read. And I am just so relieved that its over since it was a long time pending chapter and probably was one of the most toughest ones to write as well. Now, once this is complete and is sent( there would be still reviews and error correction process) , me and the other author can spend time on another chapter which probably should be the last one from the book. Once done with that, we would wait for the final review from the tech editors.

Besides this, there were lots of small tasks which I had to additionally like I had to prepare and send my bills, get some tasks done related to bank! Oh yes, had to get a hair cut as well ;-) ! So whatever time I had left with me after writing, went into all these tasks. I so wished that I would go with my sister and/or with Aman to watch some movie( had two in mind, either one of them would had been fine) or at least would go and have a cup of coffee at….Barista ;-) ! You thought CCD right? Well, I have tasted almost all of their flavors and somehow, I am not finding their coffees much tasty anymore. May be its because that I have had it too much there but I don’t know, there is something which I am not liking at CCD and I can’t figure out what it is at the moment! I still do love it though but its better that I taste the coffee at some other outlets as well. I had tasted few flavors at Barista and it was really good! That much good that I even took their yearly membership! Anyways, it didn’t happen too that I could get some time out to go there as well. I wanted to go for some shopping but then left that idea as well. Over all, except a really rigorous work , I didn’t do anything else :-( !

Well, there is almost less than 6 hours left before I would start my next travel and its going to be a tough one. To make things spicy, I am feeling a little feverish as well! Let’s see what happens. Its time to hit the bed and try to get some sleep , a really hard thing to do for me on normal days itself and almost impossible for days like today when I already know that I would wake up before I would even get to sleep :-) . 


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