Saturday, August 21, 2010

Last Day Of Being Relaxed…

This post was supposed to come few days earlier but somehow, I was too much distracted in doing few other things. So it didn’t see sunlight till today. I would be brief since there is so much of to do and its the last day of me being free. The last two weeks did pass very well when I met some very good delegates and also discussed a lot about Oracle with them. Though the portion of delegates being very good and a great amount of oracle related discussion remained the same for the 2nd week, it did start with a very bad note when I saw that all the machines, including mine were not working! Okay, not working is not such a big problem as it can be solved by someone looking at it and thus fixing it as well. But the worst nightmare started when even after doing the installations for about 6 times, nothing worked out! Even by the late evening, only 4 machines came up. Even my senior manager was sitting with me and was looking at the matter and doing a lot of work with me to solve the matter, both from technical point of view(he is an EXCELLENT oracle technologist) and from managerial point of view as well by calling numerous people within India and even abroad for the same! Our worst fear was that if we won’t be able to solve the technical issue of the machines, there won’t be any excuse that we would be having with us to continue the class next morning and we would have to cancel it, which is a seriously bad thing if happens! But fortunately, all got resolved by the next morning and we were able to start the class and it did go very well as well! I must say that I was so tensed about it but finally, all went well only!

Now, I am going to start the travel tomorrow morning again and this time, its going to be a very tough program which I have to deal with! I always have butterflies in my stomach when this program comes up and I know the reasons for it as well. I won’t mention the reason but I shall make sure that butterflies fly away :) . Also, I am planning to do some more writing stuff about Oracle related topic and hopefully will be teaming up this time with a very good friend and an excellent technical resource for it. The work is already started for the same because we both(or three if the third person would leave his laziness and join us :)) have started diving deep into the topic. A lot of work, a lot of tensions, too less time and too many distractions, some times I just feel to throw away everything from the window and shut myself down completely! I am sounding not so good right, better to be quite I guess then! Time to get back to the work!


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