Thursday, August 05, 2010

Customer Service At Its Best With Kingfisher….

How many times it has happened that you could say that you actually put the phone down with a smile on your face, appreciating the efforts of the customer rep and above all, the company whose customer care you happened to call? Let me tell you about my stats, almost never! Those who know me are aware about this fact that I am very fussy and if I shall call for a complaint or for some service request, I would have gathered all the facts about it beforehand before going ahead to make a call and if someone would still try to tell me some stupid logics about it, well, things wouldn’t go very smooth! And it has happened so many times that I had to explain to the so-called customer-care(less) that what does it mean to sit at that chair and how to actually help the customer? Some times people understand and some times, they give (stupid) arguments which make sense to no one except just to them! Anyways, that won’t ever end and fortunately, this small post is not about another such heated argument as well! As a pleasant change, its about a real good customer service experience that I got from Kingfisher Airlines customer service!

As I was not able to sleep because of stupid fever, I had a glance at my frequent flier card of Kingfisher and thought why not to check my status of membership and other such details! Since I don’t happen to login to my account very often, I forgot the password! Well, not a big issue, I said to myself and tried to check it from that email account which I had used while registering for the membership. Here came the heartattack, when I logged into that mail account, though it did allow me to login, it gave the message that there is no inbox attached to my login! WHAT! So what’s the meaning of the login then to an email account for which I have no inbox available and wait a minute, where is that inbox which was there just few days back attached to the very same email account? Well, there was no point of shouting since its my system which can’t help me in anyways and this webpage which already told me on my face that go away , nothing for you here! The important thing was not the email account which anyways didn’t have too many of the important emails (still a few were there like from Kingfisher) but to get the details of the membership account which I would be requiring if now, may be some other time! So I immediately checked on the flight’s website for a contact information and I got their contact number and guess what, it operates 24X7! Very well, I said to my self and gave a call. A pleasant voice picked up my call and asked how could she help me? After verifying my details and proving that I am indeed who I said I am, I explained her the situation and requested that I want my email id to be changed and password to be reset as well! Well, she immediately did and asked me to check in another 3 minutes. In that time period, I asked her alot of questions about the status of mine, my travel points , gave a feedback about the flight! In the meanwhile, while still talking to her, I checked the email and there it was, my new password was sent to me with the other instructions. She asked is there anything else she could help me with and I couldn’t resist myself from saying that even though I have called at so many customer care centers, this was the first ever good experice I have got after calling at a customer care service! Said her thank you and put the phone down with a smiling face! A really good service within the flight and also on the ground, very well done!

Just wish that all the other customer care services would become like the one of Kingfisher, hope it does happen and soon too!


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