Friday, July 30, 2010

(TTT) Tiring Week, Tired Me, Travel….

Some times, it just feels so relaxing to know that tomorrow there won’t be any work and also, there won’t be any travel! If you are like me who does it so often and so much, you can imagine how relaxing it feels to know that, even just for a day, you won’t be on the road, running from here to there. In this kind of times, getting few days of relaxing is also a blessing!

I was so much busy this whole week and I can’t really say that the next few days are going to be free either. There is tons of pending work around me and I somehow not able to keep up with it. The biggest bottleneck is that I don’t have a proper system with me where I can do all the testings and everything. For doing so, I must be present at the office or be at home. Both the options are not viable either as when I am in the office, I am not free and the nature of work I do, I must be interacting with lots of delegates on constant basis which leaves very less time for me to do something. At home, though this is not there but still, there are so many other things which do come in between. There is just a little of the work is left and I am really really willing to push it as soon as possible. I am working so hard to get it done! On top of this work, my regular work is something which also does makes me so tired. One can’t imagine how much it effects to travel for 12 hours , twice a week over the body. And then you have to stand for 9 hours, shout your lungs out, that’s just does the job of the final icing over the cake. Am I sounding really fussy and frustrated? Well, can’t say frustrated but yes, a little bit burnt up for sure! This week also, it was like the same! There was tons of work, tons of things were going on. I am still sitting in the session and waiting for the delegates to finish the lab practice. Most of them have gone for their lunch giving me an opportunity to write this post. I so wanted to write one when I left for this travel and did start it even sitting at the waiting lounge of the airport. But then, got couple of phone calls from office and there goes my post :-( .

Though I couldn’t write the post but I bought two novels from the airport and also one movie dvd. Novels are from Khaled Hosseini. I have bought both The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns. I shall be honest that I just bought both based on my instincts only and assumed them to be good. Its only later I came to know that both are very highly acclaimed pieces of writing. The dvd which I bought is of the movie, Ninja Assassin. I am hoping that the movie is going to be good but looking at the reviews, I am starting to have a feeling that I have wasted my money. Anyways, anything related to martial-arts is worth to watch for me, at least for once! So I think, I shall still enjoy the movie. I wanted to go for a movie so much before I had to come here but somehow, it didn’t work out. I didn’t want to go alone, there was no one else to go with me and my sister couldn’t get a leave or even some free time despite that she wanted to go so much! I hope I can make it happen this time but can’t be sure thanks to tons of the work that I have in my hands. Oh, I forgot to mention, there is this new mall opened here few days back, Inorbit about which I had heard a lot of praise. So I decided to have a look at it. My friend Pavan had bought a watch from here so he asked me to go and check a particular model for sure! Well, I did go and buy a watch for my sister last week before coming here so I thought I shall check back once again. The mall is on my way back to the hotel so there was no question of spending extra time on the road too for it. So I asked my driver to stop there and went inside to have a look. Well, I am  sure I must not say this sitting just few meters away from the mall, but I felt its a little over-rated. I am not saying its not good, it is but its not that good either! Or may I am just too boring to find any fun there, I don’t know. I did check all the floors( there are 3 I guess) except the food court and I didn’t find anything unusual in any of them. I did check the watches as well but may be its just not my luck to buy a watch, the particular model that I was looking for was already sold out! Nevermind, I do have my own antique piece watch with me so I don’t really need a new watch either! I wanted to try the coffee house there(forgot its name) but then left the idea and headed back to the hotel. May be some other time! There is nothing more you need than your bed when you are standing and walking all over the day, trust me!

Its the last day of the training and I am hoping that it will be finished in next few minutes. I do have to travel again tonight but this travel brings a smile on my face since I shall be going to have a holiday. Tiring for sure but worth every minute spent in it! Though there is work to do as well but still, I hope I would be able to make myself a little bit relaxed. But that’s tomorrow and at present, the delegates have come back and I must get back to them now! Time for some oraclism ;-) .


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