Sunday, July 18, 2010

Holiday & Travel Day….

How good it feels to know that today is Sunday, a day for official no work and being lazy! Well, actually, there is Saturday as well which holds the same meaning but at times, you spend doing tons of work on Saturday as well! But am not sure, on Sunday, since morning that lazy feeling starts to creep in :-) . But unfortunately, for me Sunday means travel day only as its very rare that I have enjoyed both the days of the weekend as like a holiday. For me, its Saturday which is a no-office but still lots-of-work day as I have to prepare some times the bills and other stuff for my last week’s work, do some reading, study for the next week, do some other work which I couldn’t do in the whole week and if possible, take some rest too! So its really not a true weekend for me. I know I know its not good but I have no other choice at the moment. That’s how my time is divided at the moment and there is very less that I can do about it!

Last week was mostly a quite one. Can’t say completely since there were some really small but significant issues which were there for entire week. I hate it when I am the only one to handle things and people who are indeed supposed to actually do it or atleast should assist me, just wash their hands off from everything! So on top of managing the program, managing the delegates, there is a lot of extra work that I would need to do so that all goes fine! I shouldn’t be complaining about it but at times, it feels a little irritating. Anyways, last week did have similar sorts of things happening. Fortunately, all did get sort out on time and also, the participants were really nice and supportive. They did understand the need of the time and support me for the entire week. Thanks so much guys! Besides that, they were really good as well. It always happens that when I shall be with some really smart guys, I shall learn something new and this time also, the same thing happened. There was a very good learning that I got about something in Oracle database which I shall be writing about soon. And that’s the best part of my work, I always get a chance to know something which I never even have heard about before or not even have seen too! For this,the entire credit goes to the delegates only! Thanks once again guys! Hope we can meet again in some other session.

Besides the delegates, the place where I went this time, its a place where I happen to go couple of times. I have couple of friends there too as well. Some I meet almost all the time and some, I don’t get a chance. This time, I made a point that I shall meet a friend of mine who has now shifted there(Banglore) and is settled there permanently after her marriage. I didn’t get a chance to meet her because I was under the impression that she sits at some other office location. But she was there only so I decided that I shall see her for sure in the lunch time at least. That’s the only time when we can meet because we work on different floors and she has to rush back to her home after office because she has got her little daughter who is just few months old still !. So that’s the only one hour when we can meet and I made a point that we indeed did meet! She is so good and almost like a tom-boy girl. She would always crack jokes and we normally would have lots of arguments on silly topics :-) . This time, the topic was her cooking as she, for one day, brought lunch from her home, obviously self-cooked and asked me to taste. Now, let me be honest, it was really bad and I can’t stand a badly cooked meal and that too from a gal and on top of it, a married gal! So when she asked me how it is, well I had to tell her the truth and that’s it, the fight started right there on the table itself in front of all her colleagues only ( who happens to be gals only) :-) . She was like what do I know and I said, eating and having an eye(or tongue) to see when the food is good and when not  ;-) ! We did spend the entire hour doing all such kind of things. That’s another story that the food that I had picked from the office pantry was equally bad but I couldn’t mention it at that time you see :-) . Well, as soon as the lunch got finished, all the things went back to normal too :-) . She has asked me several times to visit her home and meet her daughter since I have met her hubby already but I just didn’t get time right now to do so. But I would love to see her gal and visit her home. She made a point that she won’t cook and would order food from outside only or would cook only non-veg food hehehe. Well, that’s okay I guess to order from outside, at least it would not be so bad ;-) . Just kidding! She is so good and have faced so many troubles in her life and I am just so happy that now, finally her life is getting back on track. She has a good job and she got permanent in it as well just few months back( she was a contractor before) , got the guy whom she wanted and now is blessed with a daughter. I just wish that things would keep on improving for her and for her family. Besides her, I also met couple of other friends of mine, most out of those are leaving the company ;-) . Still, its always a pleasure and fun to be there and this time also was no exception.

Yesterday, was a semi-busy, semi-fun, overall a semi-semi day :-D . I wrote few pages of the last chapter of my book. I have to finish it it as soon as possible. I have got many things pending and I want them to get over as soon as possible! In the evening, me and Sidhu went to the Select City mall. There is a sales going on there in almost from all the brands there so we thought, we would check some shirts and jeans out. Sidhu got lucky and bought a shirt from UCB but there was none which I did like. We searched at couple of other places as well but nothing good was there that we could pick. So after having a Cafe Frappe and a Choco Frappe at CCD, we were back to home.

So back to from where I started, its Sunday and I need to travel again today. I am really not in a mood to do if you ask me. But I have to since I have a session starting from tomorrow and only being dead can escape me from it. So I have no choice but to travel today. Its going to be a looonggg travel as well. But since I shall be at my home, it would be so good even when I shall have a session for the entire week. Hope everything goes fine. I am feeling terribly hungry now and must go now and have my breakfast. There is nothing like having a good breakfast(food) to get you started for the long, hectic day right :-) !


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