Saturday, July 03, 2010

In A Real Upset Mood….

I should be happy since I am done with my program but I can’t be. In fact, I am really really upset because of my carelessness due to which I have forgotten my debit card in the ATM machine itself. How can I be so stupid to do such an act of foolishness? Thanks to my pure idiotic act, I spent the whole day at my bank filling tons of forms, signing them like giving autographs and finally got a relief from the manager that my card is locked! I must say thanks to that manager lady who helped me so much, sent the mail for locking my card with a highest priority set for it, gave me so many advices and suggestions ( purely free) ! Many thanks Ms Manager! I wished that I would be having a pleasant weekend since I am going to be in a traumatic week from this Monday, thanks to the so tough session, but “pleasant” doesn’t seem to be the right word for me, I guess. I didn’t eat anything in whole day in this whole “process” and to make things really interesting, its just so hot weather today and my scooter’s tire getting punctured proved to be the icing on the cake since in probably a temperature of 42degrees, I was pulling my punctured scooter! If you have not done it ever, you wont ever understand how terrible it feels to do so. Finally, the long and a really bad is over now and I am back listening to a very good song which I shall be translating in English from Punjabi. I have heard it for the first time and its been an hour since I am playing it non-stop. I am not sure that I do like the singer but the lyrics are good and that’s enough for me to like this song. Keep watching this space since its going to show up here pretty soon! And for now, I am going to have a cold apple juice to cool my mind off, still in a bad mood only!


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