Sunday, July 04, 2010

A New Milestone Set, 6th Largest Airport Of The World, New Delhi International Airport(Terminal 3)….

WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!! Am I happy? I AM SOOOO MUCHHHH HAPPYY! I wish I could stand on the tallest building and say this as much as possibly loud in my best powers! We, India has done it and have given an answer to all those who used to taunt us for being inferior to them in the comparisons of airports. Yes airports reflect the country’s face and its that “first impression” which matters the most when one steps in any foreign land. I am so proud to say that now we have it now for all who would be stepping in India from our national capital New Delhi because we have our new international airport(terminal 3)  open for the world! Its the newest one in New Delhi but not the only best we have! We have similar sorts of airports in every major city of India and few of them like Hyderbad airport, has been given the best rankings comparing it with the world, see this news piece to read about it. 

Yesterday, it was a BIG day in the Indian aviation history when our prime minister Manmohan Singh inaugurated the new international airport at New Delhi. New Delhi's new international airport is among the best in the world and holds the ranking as the 6th largest airport in the world after Dubai, Beijing, Singapore, Bangkok and Mexico City! Its among the best of the bests and with it, we have seen the start of a new age India yesterday. I am so proud and happy reading about it and just can’t wait to step my feet inside it! Many many congratulations to the entire India from me and thanks so much to our government who gave us this gift. No, I am not  much of a political person and the mentioned thanks has no political reasons too. Its just the expressions of a normal, ordinary guy who is just so happy that now his country too, comes under the “best rankings” in something. I have heard many (bad) comments while traveling at both domestic and international terminals of India from other passengers that “how much we were behind from the rest of the world” and here is our answer to all of those comments/taunts/criticisms! Once again, nothing here is mentioned for any political reasons whatsoever or to hurt any other personnel/country  and I give a damn to anyone who thinks about my expressions in any other way.

I am leaving you with a news link about the new airport, link to the photo gallery of it and also with a list of some of the salient features about it! I shall update this post once I shall step into the new airport and if anyone, who is reading this post, would do before me, please share your experience with me over here via comments! Here is a list of the features of the new airport,

  • Sixth largest in the world after those at Dubai, Beijing, Singapore, Bangkok and Mexico City.
  • One pier each for international and domestic operations spanning 1.2 km from one end to other.
  • A city within, with a super-structure spread over 5.4 million sq ft.
  • 78 aero-bridges, against less than 10 at the current international terminal.
  • 63 elevators, 35 escalators and 92 automatic walkways.
  • 168 check-in counters and 95 immigration desks.
  • One pier each for international and domestic operations spanning 1.2 km from one end to other.
  • Over 20,000 sq meters of retail area, including a large food court.
  • Capacity to handle 12,800 bags per hour, with 6.4 km of conveyor belts.
  • Multi-layer parking facility that can accommodate 4,300 cars.
  • Exotic plants, material imported from Thailand, Mexico, Bahrain.


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