Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bed, Where Are You….

I am sitting here in the session, waiting for the guys to finish the practice session and am I sleepy! Well, all I can say is that I just had 2 cups of (yuck) coffee made from the vending machine, went for a walk in the corridor but still am not able to open my eyes! And its a bad bad , really bad thing to happen when you are in a session and you are the instructor :-( . I have been feeling so tired and sleepy from last couple of months a lot and I know the reasons as well! But I have no other choice at the moment to push myself to complete the programs assigned to me. There is so much of work that’s around me and I just am not able to find enough time to do it all. How so I wish that there would be either 30hours in a day or I must not feel sleepy and won’t sleep at all for a minute too! I can’t mess with number of hours for the day since for that, I would need to do a fight with god with whom I am already not having a very fine tuning so leaving that aside, I guess I should start working to achieve the second goal  or “no-sleep” . Hope it can happen somehow, someway! But whenever that will happen,will happen, what about this moment? I shall try another cup of coffee and see if it would help to climb stairs over five floors to get that? Hope it would!


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