Thursday, July 22, 2010

Few Poetic Gems….

Its been a long time that I have put anything here beyond my travel and work related sagas . The biggest reason for it is that I am too busy in my work and there is nothing else that I am doing except traveling and working. So it makes a perfect sense to talk about both most of the times. But that doesn’t mean that I do work only all the time. I do spend a lot of time in reading and also to listen to the music. In reading, besides Oracle books( its just unavoidable that it wont be mentioned not for once even) I read poetry and that too, a very high quality poetry. There are many whose work I read but some stand at a very high position. S M Sadiq is one of those poets who are in my all time favorite list. If you don’t know who he is, I must say , you haven’t heard anything yet! I don’t know any poet who has written almost 35000, yes 35000 songs! Ahmed Faraz is one other poet whose work I admire so much! So today, just thought that would share few writings from both here. Obviously they are not in English so I shall be translating the writings as well.  The first one is from Sadiq and is in Punjabi,have a read,

Bedarda mereyan hanjhuan di, gayi saari aadat tere te,

Na tunhiyon rokeya rukda c, na eho rukeya rukde ne!

And its meaning in English,

Even my tears follow your footsteps only and have similar habits,

Neither you ever stopped when I tried nor they ever stop!


And here are a few selective ones that I like from Faraz,

1)Main kab tak doosron k dukh sambhal k rakhun Faraz,

Jis jis k hain wo nishani bata k le jaye!


And its meaning in English is,

For how long I am supposed to keep pains of others in my heart,

Whosoever has given, come, identify and take it back!

2)Jindagi mein kuch aise haadse bhi hote hain Faraz,

Insaan bach to jaata hai par jinda nahin rehta!


And its meaning in English is,

In life, certain incidents and accidents take place,

After which, person remains alive like being dead!


3)Mili saza jo mujhe wo kisi khata par na thi,

Mujh pe jo jurm saabit hua wo wafa ka tha!


And its meaning in English is,

The punishment I got was for no offense of mine,

I was declared guilty of being a lover!


4)Usko chaha to mohabbat ki samajh aayi Faraz,

Warna is lafz ki tareef hi suna karte the!


And its meaning in English is,

When I loved her then I understood what is love,

Otherwise had always heard only good things about the word “love” !


I am not sure how many of you would like such kind of poetry. It would take a lot before one can truly appreciate such kind of esteemed writing since its too hard to understand the actual meaning of this poetry!  I won’t be explaining it either since I am so sleepy now but I am sure, if you have read up till  this far , you indeed like above kind of poetry! So without spoiling the taste, I shall leave now as its quite late night and I have a working day tomorrow as well! Nites!


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