Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Is Here….

I couldn’t get a chance to write anything in the past week. Even though I was not traveling in cabs, there was no holiday for me. I was doing a session through web-conferencing for few delegates in abroad. It was a grueling 5 days session and since it was not a face-to-face event, it took a lot to address issues than actually should have been. There were tons of issues that came on the first day itself about the non-clarity of my voice. I am not sure where was the issue actually though I was told that its not from my side but from was caused by the bandwidth at the participant’s side. Whatever may be the reason, there were issues almost in all the 5 days. To heat up things more, the module itself was so tough that even in a face-to-face session, it would have been so tough! Then for one delegate, the labs(hands on exercises) stopped working for no obvious reasons. Interestingly, those labs were working for others perfectly fine. Now, all the labs that we use are basically scripted and must run in the same manner what’s there in the manual about them. But if they won’t, there is not much that I or any instructor can do since we haven’t coded them. I did ask couple of other instructors too that whether they have seen the same issue or not but they were also clueless. Finally, what we did as the last resort that we let the delegates use the machine for one extra day i.e  Saturday! Normally, we stop the access to the machines on Friday evening itself but just because of all the issues, we increased the access time. Hope that have helped the guys somewhat and they had finished the labs. For all of such issues, even though I was sitting at one place, I was equally busy as I would be when I am traveling like today. Yes, I am on the road again. Anyways, it was a good session still. There were some very interesting comments that came for me from the delegates. Many thanks guys! Hope I was able to say something useful and also didn’t bore you with my analogies. I just checked the rating and it was really good! Thanks once again for everything.

I am having a really bad headache at the moment and have no mood to go for the session. Heck, I am having no mood to go and have my breakfast too as well! But I guess, I can only delay it or skip it. Session is something which even if  I want to, I won’t be able to skip! I need a break, a holiday for some time. Let’s see when and how it happens if it will! Have a happy Monday( is there any such thing really) all and hope the week remains good for you. Time for me to get ready and have a coffee in hope that it would heal my headache somewhat!


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