Thursday, June 24, 2010

Women Thinkers(By Peter Russells)….

Thanks to a stupid guy who asked a question but is not really ready to accept that he can be wrong too and also, not ready to listen what is being told to him, I am having a really upset mood at the moment. There is no coffee shop around, heck there is not even that coffee machine in this office too using which I could at least take a coffee. So overall, I am in a bad bad mood! And that’s certainly not good since I have a session starting in less than an hour from now. So I was just thinking what to do to make my mood go a little better. BTW, music didn’t help either. I had heard a very good song last night but  I didn’t want to hear it now because that song did make even the poet, Ahmed Faraz cry and I certainly didn’t want to have wet eyes right in the morning time. So the next best thing to music for me is comedy(yes its martial arts too but the situation’s demand was different here) . So I searched for some video by Peter Russell and I did find one such video. So here is that video which made me smile and would probably tell the reason of constant thinking of women.


Thanks Peter for a good laugh, it was really needed at this moment! Now back to life,where is that bloody ACFS?


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