Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nothing Like A Cup Of Coffee….

I normally stay in this hotel, The Elite whenever I am at Banglore. Though we have choices of couple of guesthouses here, but the issue is that those menu of those guesthouses are fixed. This means, you have to eat only what would be provided. The other major issue is that none of the guesthouses have any internet connection. Yes, you heard it right, there is no internet connection given in these guesthouses because of “company policy” . Not sure what kind of policy it is which demands that doesn’t let people who work in IT not having  an internet connection! Anyways, so this hotel is nice, can’t say the one where I stay is royalish one but its okay. There have another property about which I came to know today morning only which sounds like that “royal" one and I shall check it some time soon. Also, I met the owner of the entire chain and guess what, he is from Jallandhar, a city just at a distance of just one hour drive from my city, a Punjabi guy! Isn’t that nice? How did I meet him? Well, thanks to my habit of talking to everyone and anyone actually. I was having my (bad) breakfast today morning when I saw this guy roaming in the breakfast area. So I said “Hi” to him and he replied with a “Hi” . He was probably inspecting the dining area and he asked me, is everything fine? Hmm so a guest won’t ask another guest this right? So I did guess that he was from management and I was right. He sat opposite to me on the same table and asked about me. I told him that I stay here quite often , almost every time when I visit Banglore. That was it! He told me about him, his businesses and gave me his business card and asked me to contact him if I would have any issues ever with the stay or something! Nice! Here is how room looks where I am normally put up,


Looks nice right! Yes that’s my backpack and shoes there :-) ! And it was taken yesterday evening, pretty clean room given the fact that a guy lives in it right :-) !

Even though the hotel is good , some times, some small things get messed up. For example, today’s breakfast was just bad and tea was even worse than it! I am having a real bad pain in my right leg for god-knows-what reason and also having a not-so-good mood! So what you do when you have a really upset mood, you have so much of pain in your leg and top of that, you get a really bad breakfast! Well, I couldn’t think of anything else but to have a cup of coffee and fortunately for me, an outlet of Barista which is just besides my hotel. So I just went there. If you know me, I mostly would go to Cafe Coffee Day but its not there anywhere around me and I didn’t want to take  a cab/auto just to have a cup of coffee. And since I have already been at that outlet, I knew they are good. So I went there and ordered this,


Its Barista Blast and an Italian vegetarian sandwich. I must say, it was really good after having a bad breakfast. I asked the guys that what are the timings of the outlet and they told me, its from morning 7.30am to 12:00pm. Wow! So this means, I can go there any time whenever I have a tough day (which I am having a lot these days for many reasons) . Sounds like a good idea! I have got tons of things to do which I am not sure how I would do since I am having a bad pain in the leg and also a not-so-good mood either. Hope I shall be able to do something productive than just being lost in dark valleys of thoughts. I hope not!


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