Friday, June 25, 2010

An Upset Morning, A Happy Evening….

I just finished my current session. I guess, this was the smallest number of delegates that I have got in my session. We did expect 16 people but what we got were just 5. And from that two, 2 guys had to leave on 3rd and 4th day since they had some official works. One another guy didn’t come after yesterday afternoon. I don’t know the reason since I never was informed that he is not coming. So today, there were just two who were sitting for the finale! Still, I must say that all the delegates were really nice , friendly and intelligent. I am delivering the very same module from the last 3 weeks and I must say, this whole month was a really tough one! I was very upset seeing my rating for two batches. Though there were very good comments, but the rating was not satisfying( at least for me) . Though I know that whatever rating I got, it was from those who were really really good guys still, I never get satisfied from anything than the best, yes that’s all what I want! I normally won’t say it but since there was a comparison done of mine , for the record, I must say, yes I am the best and I know it ! I am really really good but Its just that I don’t brag about it, I don’t keep on telling to anyone , hey look, have you seen anyone so good like me? No, I don’t do that but that doesn’t mean that I am someone who can be compared with any bloody tom-dick-harry! Anyways, so I am very happy to see that this session’s rating is EXCELLENT! Thanks so much guys for very kind words and for a very nice session! Hope we shall meet again some time soon!

Okay, so that was about the happy evening. What about the upset morning? Well, I guess you might have noticed that the upset part is not yet completely gone and its true, its not! Its still there, its very well there! I don’t get upset easily. It takes a lot for me to get upset. Its high unlikely that I would bother about things. I shall just ignore them. But  that doesn’t mean that I don’t bother at all. I do! And when I do, I get upset as well and not just a little but a lot! And I got so upset right in the morning just before I had to start the session. Though its not often that I would but I do get upset when I see people don’t realize what’s their mistakes are and yet think they are right! I get upset when I see people caring, bothering , trying only for what they want, without caring a second about anyone else! I get upset when I see people use the word “appreciate” for certain things which are way above the “appreciation” ! I get upset when I see comparisons been done without even realizing that some people and certain things are never meant to be compared! I do get upset at seeing all of this and much more as the list doesn’t ends just here! And like this, I was so upset in the morning! I was just fortunate that it was the last day of the session and I could finish it early as well because given the mental state I was into, I don’t know how I would I had finished it if it would be a full day for me!

I have another session starting here only next week. So I shall not be flying tonight. I have 2 days free but I have so much of work to do. Hope I shall be able to finish most of it. Its time to go back to hotel now before it would be so much traffic hitting on the roads!


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