Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Day At Home, Priceless….

I got back home today morning. Though I shall be leaving tomorrow again for a long long travel but it just feels awesome to be at home. I am struck in some really grueling and tiring sessions from last couple of weeks. You can imagine how much things are tough that at times, I had a feeling to get out of the room leaving everything and everyone there only! But I can’t do it since its my work and its a challenge which I have to pass! And I can say with somewhat pride that I have managed to come out from those grueling sessions. Though the rating is not really that great( anything lesser than 95% is lesser for me, current is 90%)  but the comments were really good! So even though I am not truly satisfied, I shall live with it. Since I am in such sessions from quite some time now and would be in similar times for next couple of weeks too, the best place to revamp myself is home! I don’t know why, yesterday I had a very strong feeling of being lonely. All I wanted to do was to get back home as soon as possible! I am not sure why such feeling came but it was there and was very strong and I am back home today, feeling much better!

Another reason for getting back home was that I have couple of tasks to do which would be done only by me. There are some things which my mom is handling alone when I am not around and I don’t want it to happen. So I had to come back to make sure that I can take away some of her burden. Also, I am not sure whether its age or too much work, I am feeling so tired lately. I guess, age is not the reason( I am still not in the “oldies” category) but its too much of travel and much difficult sessions which are taking a lot of me! When such thing is there, being at home always helps.

I have couple of tasks to finish but I really really want to go and see The Karate Kid movie! If you know me, I am a martial-artist myself and I love martial-arts to death! The Karate Kid movie series is so good and the new one with Jackie Chan and Jade Smith, son of Will Smith, is really looking so good! Jackie needs no introduction when it comes to martial arts and he has made a very nice movie with Jade Smith. I must say, Jade has done better than all the previous karate kids of the older series! I guess the tag line used in the promotion, “a legend is reborn” , is completely true! I am too eager to watch it in theater since looking at the trailers, its a must watch in theater! Hope I can do it sometime in the coming weeks if I shall get some free time. I am listening at the moment the soundtrack of the movie, Remember the Name and I can’t stop listening to it! I am leaving you with the official trailer videos of it and the sound track. Have a happy weekend everyone!

Trailer video 1


Trailer video 2

And the official soundtrack(not a video, just the song is there),


Enjoy :-) !


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