Wednesday, June 09, 2010

And It Arrived Today….

Few days back, I posted a post about a short story and moment of happiness. This was the day, when I was awarded ACE award by Oracle Corp’s Oracle ACE program. Here is my ACE profile. Today, when I am sitting here at Banglore, my ACE award reached my home. I couldn’t resist having a look at it so asked my sister to take a picture of it and send it to me! Well,I must say, it looks bloody awesome! So here are few pics of my ACE award,

photo (3) photo (1) photo

And here is my ACE profile page’s snapshot!

Aman ACE


Its an amazing feeling to have this award, I must say! Read the above mentioned post if you are interested to know my journey to this point. I must say, I am really happy and having a feeling of proud that I am a part of such esteemed group. I shall be honest that I still don’t feel that I am worthy enough to be considered that great that I can be called an ACE! Its just so great to see that you are in those 280 names in this entire world who have got this award and I am the 2nd guy in India who has got this award for database and performance management division. Its just so overwhelming that I am in that elite club whose member list contains names like Jonathan Lewis, Tim Hall, Hans Forbrich, Francisco Munoz and many many more Gurus who are like the pillars and ideals within Oracle community. I stand nowhere in front of these gurus and all I can say, its just a matter of great pride that I too have been given the same award which these gems possess! Thank you so much Francisco for nominating me and thanks Oracle ACE program for considering me worthy enough to be awarded this award!

I am out of words to express how much it means to me and what I am feeling at the moment. All what I want now is to fly back to home and see it and touch it! Hope it happens soon!


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