Saturday, June 05, 2010

Finally, A Day Without Tension But….

Yes, the last week has been  a real grueling one for me. I have been into the training business from quite some time now and some do consider me a little experienced one in it now and I have handled some of the most toughest sessions as well. Still, there is always a time when you do realize that what you have done already wasn’t really so tough as long as you are not presented with something more bigger, tougher than it! The same happened with me in the last session. Though the guys were really good, intelligent, I can surely categorize the session among the toughest ones which I have handled so far and may be, I can put it in top 2-3 places as well.

I have mixed feelings about the session if you ask me. I always believe that when there is a session, its the best when it involves the delegates completely and encourage them to get into discussions with me more and more. The more it happens, the more its clear that the delegates are in the session and are enjoying/learning the things. Also, I always get some questions or get into some discussions where some new things pop out and those are the things which are my take-away back to home. The more intelligent delegates are, the more better the discussion is and more rewarding its for me if not for anyone else. In this way, discussion is always some thing which I look forward to happen. On the other side, some times, in a long discussion, we may get deviated from the actual topic as well and this is very common to happen when the discussion is happening between only very few handful people and the rest are not participating much in it. In this kind of discussion, though there are useful things coming out, but they are probably limited to those few people only and that is something which I believe is not really that great. But sometimes, things are not in your complete control and you have to go with the flow, letting things happen on their own pace and just see where it would lead to. I had both of these experiences in the last session. I am not saying that either one is better or worse than the other but some times, its very tough to make draw the line as well.

Anyways, the session is over now and I am really glad that all the delegates gave very kind comments when they left. There were some topics which I had to do for them going out of the way even and I am really glad that they appreciated my effort and work both. I spent a lot of time preparing for those topics and it was really really hard for me to come back and do all this in the night after the session but somehow, I managed to do it and was able to share it effectively as well with the delegates. And after all of such hard work, when you see that your hard work is appreciated and accepted, nothing is more satisfying and rewarding than it. I am thankful to all the delegates that they gave me such a good time in the session and also made me learn couple of those things which I didn’t come across yet.

So today is an off day for me and I am in my hotel room, sitting on my bed, writing this post while on tv, Mr. (jerk) Reshamiya is trying to sing another new song of his own movie in his own (bad) voice with his own (bad) music playing in the backend. I wish I could just put a tape on his mouth for forever! I know its a real rude thing to do but I hate him for many reasons, singing is just one of those many reasons! So I can’t help it, sorry! Anyways, leaving Reshamiya apart(its useless to waste any bytes over him) , I have to finish my chapter for my book in this weekend. Its just a bad timing that the deadline of the submission of all the chapters is this month and in this very month only, I am busy like anything! I really want to go and have some walk outside, visit some malls of Banglore( yes, I have not been to any of them even when I am coming here from last 5 years) but I am afraid , I can’t do any of this but I would have to be caged in my room only and finish my work. Not sure that I can really say that its TGIF for me or not :-? !


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He is one person who has nothing and all what he can get is just hate. I really don't think that he has anything on which he can boast of, yeah may be really bad voice, music , nature , attitude and the list goes on and on and on and on. Worse, he can't do anything about it well.

June 08, 2010 11:55 PM  

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