Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why I Am Still Not Happy….

Its been many years since I have gone and bought some thing for me. Don't ask me the reason for it as I won't mention it here. Despite that my mom and sis has mentioned this so many times that I must go and buy some stuff for me as well, I haven't done so. Needless, they are never happy from me doing this. But today, I had to go and get some stuff for me because of the trip that's coming next for me. This is going to be a longer-than-normal trip so I ran out of the required number of clothes. Well, I shall be honest, its always good to get some thing for yourself, its always a great feeling. I am a very fussy customer and it takes a long time for me to get stable on one particular piece which finally comes back with to home. Anyways, so when it was decided that I am going today and won't be coming back without getting at least one shirt , I had to look for the place from where I would buy my stuff. Among many stores in my city, there is one which is quite good, Bombay Store(full site coming up soon). Me and almost all of my friends , mostly visit there only to get clothes for us and today was just one more repetition of the same trend. It didn't take me much long to settle upon a Zodiac shirt and one Alvaro tie. The sales guy pushed me a lot to get one more shirt along with a trouser but poor fellow didn't know that even this much what I had bought, wouldn't have happened if I wasn't in a desperate need ;-) . Finally with this much of shopping(if it does qualify to be called so), I was back home!

I am carrying a normal laptop bag with me. Now , normally this shouldn't be a problem( stress on "normal") but the issue, here its again I am involved, so there is bound to be some issue :-) . So I was saying that normally , the bag which I have, shouldn't be a problem for any one but the issue , I have stuffed it more than it can actually take up with lots of papers, notebooks, few pens and gazillion things like that. And it has a genuine issue as well, at times, its holding belt comes out on its own, creating a huge risk for the notebook. So I had to change it and surely enough, I wouldn't go for a normal bag this time. So with lots of research, I figured out a backpack for me, which I thought would be good enough, robust yet designer enough to suit my needs, MAXXUM by Swiss Gear. Please note that this is about 2 months old story. So when I was sure that this is the back pack that I want, I had to order it. My friend Amandeep, who is in London, told me that let the bag be delivered to him and he would send it through some one who would be coming to India and with this, at least we can save the shipping cost. Not a bad idea, so finally the bag got delivered to his place. Now a slight change in the plan came when almost three months, no one actually visited India. And to make things more interesting, the zippers of my bag stopped working :-). So now, the backpack became a necessity. Because there was no information when someone would come and bring the backpack for me, I was planning to get my old bag repaired today and use the same for the next tour. But before I would had done that, I got message from Amandeep that my bag has been sent and is there in my city. Good, so all I had to do was to go and get it. I went to that guy's home who carried my bag back home. Well, I was happy until I saw it. Rest everything was fine except stitch on one of the back straps was broken. It was not a manufacturing defect but it happened because Amandeep , while sending it , filled it way too much which caused the stitch to be broken. Honestly, I didn't like it as now I have to take it for some "manual repair" which I am not sure how would go? Let's see, I may post an update later on about it. In the meanwhile, if you are also interested in buying a backpack and looking for some advice, I would suggest to read this review about MAXXUM, which IMHO, is the best one,

Okay so all said and done,I am sure you must be thinking , this all doesn't give any clue about the title of the post. Yes it doesn't and I know that. Despite that I have gone for a shopping, got a new backpack, I am not sure that why I am still not feeling happy as I should be or normally I am when I get something new. I don't the reason for it but only thing that I am feeling is that I shouldn't have gone for anything from above mentioned. Weird, you must say, yes I know it is and I too, don't know what's the reason for this kind of feeling. May be I need to go on the tour now, change of place and with lots of work around, may help!


As I mentioned , I did go to the factory where the backpacks are manufactured and repaired. The guy over there took the bag and restich the part from the straps from where the thread was coming out. I must say, its not as like the original stitch but , it would take a very close eye to find the difference too! Is it okay for me now? I guess, its not irritating me now as it was doing before because when ever I was seeing that opened thread , I was getting so much upset. In that sense, yes its much better. But still, the feeling that I got a new bag repaired is still there and I really doubt it would go away with such an ease. And I have no idea either how would I cope up with that feeling too? But for the moment, the backpack is back in the business!


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