Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just So Sad & Upset….

It was just one of the most sad days for me. If you have read the immediate last post, I did mention there that I am not feeling happy even when I had bought some new stuff for me and like a chain-reaction, another blow came up and that too so soon and in the same day! I won't mention the whole detail here but just would say this much,how would it feel when a kid would give up his meal to make sure that his dad/mom would their? No matter how old your kid may become, you would never want him/her to suffer even the slightest one, you would always want that he/she must be always happy and smiling , doesn't matter for this, you have to face what kind of times? I don't have kids( I am not married) but still, I did feel the same today, felt the same kind of pain today. And needless to say, that did hurt me so much! Already, I was not feeling good , the event which happened, proved to be the final blow to knock me off.

With this immense feeling of sadness, I am also so much upset. Over whom/what? Well, I won't give the answer of this but yes, I really am upset and its certainly not good when you are sad and upset together, atleast not for me!


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