Saturday, April 04, 2009

Its Travel Time….

Yes , I am leaving tomorrow. Since last one week, I didn't write anything. Well, its not good to mention that I didn't write because I didn't have time to write but because there is some strange kind of sadness that is there in the heart. I don't about the reason of it. Just know this that despite that I wanted to translate two  songs which I really like so much, I didn't sit and do it. I shall do it for sure in the coming week hopefully. Anyways, I shall be leaving tomorrow. I had a "not-so-pleasant" meeting with my employer who was really pist of from my cancellations of tours. Let's see what happens? About the tour, I am not sure what's going to happen and its for those two modules which are always so tough to handle. Let's hope that everything goes fine. Pray for me guys.

Before I leave, there is some thing wrong I guess with my editor from whom I am writing this post. Its showing the entire text in bold and in a very large size for no reason and that too when I didn't do any change with the settings. Just great!


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