Sunday, April 12, 2009

Back With Smiles….

Yes, I got back.  I must say, I am really relieved now as both the programs went really well. Last time, it wasn't the case and despite of my best efforts, I got a really really bad feedback. Now, if you would ask my friend Pavan , he would tell you that I am just fussy about the rating and I shouldn't actually bother about it. But I don't think like that way. I believe, if you have done a good work, it should reflect in the final ratings too and you must get a good one. There can't be any excuses for not getting a good rating if according to you, everything went well in that program. I had a talk with a senior in this tour and she told me that at times , when senior fellows are there in the session, they may give you very good personal comments, appreciate your work very well but will not give a good rating. According to them,  "good" is the best rating, not the "excellent" one. So if there are senior/experienced guys sitting in the room, I must not be bothered about what rating I get from them as it will be most of the time not so good. Hmm, well I don't think like that if you ask me. Yes I do agree that with many experienced people sitting in the session, its tough at times to get an excellent rating from them but still, it must not be very bad and one must not try to save himself by saying this that just because there were many seniors sitting in the session, rating has went down. It just can't happen if you ask me that if you deliver a good session, people won't appreciate and I always put myself under the microscope if I don't get a good rating( which didn't happen so far except for two programs) without blaming the delegates. Anyways, this time, the delegates were just great and besides giving a good rating, they really did say some very nice things personally to me. I was so much tensed as the last program didn't go well according to me and it was that program which I have undertaken several hundred times so far. But, this time , everything went well. All the delegates were smiling at the end of the programs,  a good sign to show that all went well, if you ask me. I had a great time and I did pick up two new things as well from the sessions. Thanks a bunch to all the delegates for so many nice comments and making this trip a memorable one for me.

When everything goes well, there is a huge relief in the heart and a belief is there that now, all the things would go just fine. Well, with me, when ever I think like this, some thing wrong happens. The same happened this time too when I got at the airport. When I went to the check in counter and gave my ticket to the check-in person, he gave me a heart attack saying that my flight has been canceled. I was like, WHAT! He mentioned that due to less occupancy , it has happened. I won't mind if the flight gets canceled but at least, I should have been informed by the airline as my booking was done almost 20 days prior. As I was really upset and that was very clearly visible from my face, the check-in guy told me that he would shift me to another flight which was from another carrier. I was flying by JetLite and now I was going to get shifted to Jet Airways. I won't mind even if you make me sit besides the pilot too as long as you get me back to Delhi, I told to the guy. Immediately, he confirmed me a seat in the new flight. Besides the good news that now I was surely going to fly back home on time, this flight was going one hour early and also , it would offer in-flight meal as well, which is not an option in the other flight. So far , so good!

Everything went fine in the flight and I was at Delhi almost 2 hours early than the earlier scheduled time. There is a lot of renovation which is happening over the airport at Delhi and I must say, its making the airport really nice. The only thing which is still wrong and I guess , won't change even after the airport would get completely changed even would be , lack of professionalism in some people who work there. I don't get upset very easily but there was some thing which did happen on the pre paid cab station which really blew my head off. There is a number that is assigned to each passenger from where he has to pick the cab. I got number 10 this time and I was standing there , waiting for my cab to come. Just when I was standing there , a cab came and stopped in front of me. By the time I could open the door and sit inside , one old guy came out of no where and sat in. I was like , WTH! I didn't say anything because he was an old person. But immediately , when the second cab came and parked there, one guy came from behind and put his luggage in it. Upon asking what's his number, he told me that he has the same number 10. I was mad like anything. I just called the person who was issuing these numbers right where I was standing and he tasted first hand what happens when I get upset! I was mad as there were just blindly issuing numbers without taking care that whether the passengers are actually getting the cabs with the same pace or not. Immediately, one  cab was called and I was made sit inside it. I did regret afterwards over the way I reacted but you know, there is a limit to everything, for my patience too, there is one and this time , it was crossed!

Finally I got back home. As I mentioned in some of the previous posts as well, I really look forward to come back home and this is happening more and more for me from some time now. There is not any program for some days now. I need some time to get relax so its good for me. I need to do a bit of shopping for me, I shall try to do that in this time period. I deserve it now as my programs went well :-) .


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