Thursday, April 09, 2009

Finally, Got Back To Life, Got Internet....

Its been almost a week since I have come here and I didn't write anything. I should actually say , I couldn't write anything because it was not due to me that there was no update but it was because of the low or we can say, almost no internet connectivity and constant power failures that were there. Today, finally I got shifted to that service apartment where I stay all the time and which is perfect in everything and so I got the connectivity back. Why I didn't come here before? Well, again it was not my fault , this apartment was completely packed with the guests so I was shifted to another apartment, needless to say that the other one was really worse. So when the people of this apartment came to know about my issues with almost everyone in that other apartment, I was immediately shifted back here.

This time, there was nothing which I can say , was exceptional or adventurous which did happen in my travel. In fact, it was very boring. I got the bus as usual from the bus stand which is near to my home. I expected to be there at Delhi by 2.30 and guess what, I was right there at 2.30 only :-). Now that's what is called planning or timing isn't it? Over the airport too, there was nothing special. I had my check in done and when I saw the watch, it was still 3 hours left for my left. So what you do when you got so much time left for your flight and you are alone, you get some thing to eat and start reading something, at least I do it. So I bought momos and started reading about, any guesses, Oracle's read consistency mechanism. It was almost an hour left for my flight when I finished reading about it and than was just sitting and watching people. I have been traveling from so long and one thing have always hurt me. It was never that I had anyone who would had come to welcome me over my arrival. Okay, to be honest, I do get my cab driver all the time at least one place to welcome me but that's really not very exciting isn't it. And I never traelled with somone else too. So why I am mentioning all this now?  Where I was sitting, there was a couple sitting in front of me. I must say, the gal was so much in love with the guy as she was taking so much of care of him. I believe that there were married but that doesn't make much difference as what was most important was the love that was there was clearly visible, between them. There are some people still in this world I guess, for whom, love really does matter and so do their loved ones.

About the tour, its going on. I am handling two modules this time. One session is already over and thank god, it went well. Let's see what would happen for the 2nd one. The delegates are very nice( as like always) and because of them, entire session has become very interesting. I hope that all goes well tomorrow with it. Let's see what happens. Now I have to have to my dinner, and I must say, its been many days that I had a good dinner so I am really looking forward for my dinner today :) .


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