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How Could An Angel Break My Heart, Truly Touching Song By Declan Galbraith....

At times, you come across certain things which just shake you apart. You never knew about them before but when you know about them, all you can do is just say thanks to the god that you did get face to face with them. If you are a regular here, you may already be knowing that I love music and its very rare that I miss a good piece of music. But at times, it happens, due to my so much busy schedules, I don't get time to search and listen some of them. Though it does happen very rare but yes, it still does happen. And if you have been a regular here , you must be knowing already, I love to hear those songs which have meaning, which depict emotions as I believe, emotions are the only thing which make us a human, otherwise we are just as like that beast who have a body, hunger, who lives and dies. Its the emotions which makes a living person, a human and out of so many emotions in this world, the most soul touching emotion is of pain, sadness. No one in this world can say that he/she has not tasted this emotion. There may be many who would tell that they have never become happy, but no one, as much I can think of, can claim that he/she was never ever sad. And when we are talking about sadness and pain, there is no deeper pain than the pains which one gets in love and that too, from none else but from his own love! Yes, it takes a life time and even more to get the wounds of the soul healed which are caused by the broken pieces of the heart. Those who do it, they never care about this, they never bother about these wounds. They just remain busy with what ever they were doing before, thinking that they have not done anything at all or worse, come up with some excuses/logics/explanations to justify the pains given by them only but that doesn't do anything good for those who have got their hearts broken and their eyes filled with just tears , thanks entirely to their loved ones! When this happens, all one is having is just questions whose answers he/she seeks from all but alas, no one has them! You just sit and think what was so wrong that I did that I had to face all this, what was left missing in my love that I had got tears in reward for being in love. When you ask someone , all they say, you don't know how to love , there must be some thing that you have done wrong , not knowing that at times , even when you give your everything in love, it doesn't get counted at all and is called stupidity. Yet you do this, not because that you want some thing by doing this but all you can see while even getting your head slayed on the road , is just the face of your love, that smile which is precious more than anything in this world! You do all what you can do and even more than that too, for that someone special with just one wish, just one small wish that at least she would understand this, care about it, embrace it in her heart! When no one else can see your tears and keeps on hurting you, you still don't mind because you know, that some one special will wipe all of them with her hands, will make you smile, will hold you tight in that hug which is incomparable to anything else in the world. Yes, you do feel all this! But when that some one special only breaks that very heart of yours which you had given to her already, when instead of wiping tears from the eyes, she gets them filled with the same for the rest of the life, all you do is just ask yourself, how could it happen? What was so wrong that you did that you have got this much severe punishment? Is wishing for just one smile is such a big crime that for this, tears, cries and pains are supposed to be given for the rest of the life? You wish to die but even that does play with you. You are forced to live yet to die with every breath! All you do is just ask that why did it happen with you, a question whose answer is no where!

It is said that emotions can't be seen. True, but that's the time when words come and become the face of those emotions. And when words get combined with a voice which depicts the pain of those words, combined with the music, a gem gets prepared! The following song is like this only. Declan Galbraith is one of those very few souls who are blessed by God himself and have got a divine voice! If you haven't heard him yet, you haven't heard music at all, too big statement to make but yes, its true! He started singing from a very very young age and even now, when he is not a kid anymore,  his voice is just getting more and more better! This song that I going to post here, is the song which depicts the emotions of a guy whose beloved cheated on him and went to some one else, leaving him asking just the question that how could it happen, how could some one break his heart?  I wasn't able to search an official video for it(yet) so I am posting a made-up video. Here it is,

And here are the lyrics of this song which are in English,

I heard she sang a lullaby
I heard she sang it from her heart
When I found out thought I would die
Because that lullaby was mine!

I heard she sealed it with a kiss
and gently kissed her cherry lips
I found that so hard to believe
Because her kiss belonged to me!

How could an angel break my heart!
Why didn't she catch my falling star!
I wish I didn't wish so hard,
Maybe I wished our love apart,

How could an angel break my heart!!

I heard here face was white as rain,
Soft as a rose that blooms in May!
He keeps her picture in a frame,
And when he sleeps he calls her name!

I wonder if she makes him smile,
The way she used to smile at me!
I hope he doesn't make her laugh,
Because her laugh belongs to me!

How could an angel break my heart!!

Why didn't she catch my falling star?
I wish I didn't wish so hard,
Maybe I wish our love apart!
How could an angel break my heart!!

Oh my soul is dying, it's crying!

I'm trying to understand,
Please help me!!
How could an angel break my heart!!
Why didn't he catch my falling star,
I wish I didn't wish so hard,
Maybe I wished our love apart
How could an angel break my heart!!

How could an angel break my heart!!

I shall conclude by saying this only that if you can't give smiles to some one, you have got no rights to give him/her tears too! It takes a life time for the wounds of broken heart to get healed. It is said that time heals the wounds but even time too can't vanish the signs of those. If some one loves you, do take care of that loving heart, make sure you do anything but not let that heart be broken! If it would get broken, surely it would hurt that person but some where , you are breaking some thing which is  just keeping you safe and secure from all! Don't break that very heart which has nothing but love just for you. Its not every day that love comes to one and its not every day when someone sheds tears for your tears and smiles for your smiles. Don't give tears to those eyes for whom world is limited to your face,to  your existence as if you are there and smiling then only this world exists and is a heaven, if you are not or are sad, there is nothing which is good! Don't give pain to those who always stand to take your pains away. Its very easy to break someone's heart and than say a "sorry". But remember, if sorry would had been able to heal broken hearts, no lover would had died in this world, no eye would had tears in it ever! If you have some one who loves you so much, treasure him/her more than anything else because every thing else is possible to be achieved  in this world, but to make some one love you from the core of his heart and soul,  for this, there is still no methodology available and neither would ever be as it just happens! You may be able to get the most precious things of this world, earn the biggest wealths but its not every day, some one would love you truly! You can achieve anything in this world, a good job, a good study in abroad, a good career and life but may not some one who would be the happiest one in this world to see you achieving all this! Don't give tears to those eyes who see happiness in your smile only! Love is the most beautiful gift that one can have in his life, let it be like that only, don't make it the biggest pain that one has to carry for the rest of his/her life.


Blogger Linē³ said...

I felt crying after reading this post, I once had a guy who loved me so deeply only to have his heart broken. When I finally realised this it was too late, he was gone with his love.

Now I regret it everyday.. because I would never meet someone who will love me as much as he did..

April 21, 2009 10:32 PM  
Blogger Aman.... said...


Thanks for coming here and for the comment. I am so sorry to hear about the miserable fate that you had in love. I know and can understand what you are feeling? And I have mentioned this over here many many times that if you have found love, make sure you don't let him/her slip away because it may not everyday that one becomes lucky to find love in his/her life.

All I can say this is that be strong and don't do the same ever with anyone else. God bless you and take care!


April 22, 2009 8:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

think i can relate this song.. and to your blog, this is really happen to someone else, i remember when i was in college, my best friend was cheated to my boy friend, that was happened to my 18th birthday... so sad... the past happened.. but you have to forgive...

February 09, 2011 8:55 PM  

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