Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hospital, Not A Place To Be….

I have been lucky ( so far) that I didn't come across anything in my life that I had to stay at the hospital. Yes I do get lots of injuries and I meet with accidents almost all the time, but still, thanks to god, so far I have just gone to hospitals to get the treatment and later , would just come back home. I have not met anything that serious with me that I had to get admitted over there. Yes, few months back, when my dad with an accident from which he is still recovering, I spent almost 20 days there at the hospital. And that was the first time, when I had spent such a long tenure over, enough to make me believe more and more that a person must never should see the face of this building called hospital.

At times, even when you don't want some thing to happen with even your worst enemy too, it does get happen with some one near to you. And at times, things happen all of a sudden. The same kind of thing happened two days back when two of my very good friends, Amit and Sumit got food poisoning( which turned out later much worse than that) and had to get admitted in the hospital. I came to know about this one day later as they got admitted in the night only. Both of them helped me so much when dad was there in the hospital and both are very close friends of mine, so hearing this that both have been admitted to the hospital was enough to shake me up. I rushed towards the hospital where they both were admitted. Upon reaching there I came to know that Amit is in the same hospital but Sumit has been referred to another hospital and is in the Intensive Care Unit(Surgical) because his condition had become much worse and doctors of the hospital where he was brought first had gave up on him. You must be thinking that what's so severe happened with them that things became so worst? Yes that was the same question which was boggling my mind all the time. And I couldn't believe when I heard the reason of all this mess. Both , Amit and Sumit , while returning from their office, thought that they would had a glass of juice and stopped on the way at a juice shop. God only knows what occurred to their mind that they changed their mind to have "vegetable juice". Yes vegetable juice, you heard it right! According to Amit , as he was the only one who was able to talk from both of them, when they had the first sip of their juice, it was very sour but they didn't bother and finished the entire juice in a single breath. It took not even 10 minutes when they came back home that they had vomits started. It was so severe that both couldn't even get up from their bed. Later, doctors told that they had consumed some thing very poisonous which made their condition so worse. Yesterday, Amit got the discharge from the hospital and I brought him back to home. Sumit is still in the hospital, in the ICU on oxygen. According to doctors, he would be brought out of emergency may be by today evening. I couldn't go to the hospital today as I myself is not feeling well. I just hope that Sumit would be fine and would come back to a normal room today.

When I went to see Sumit, there was a family whose father was admitted in the ICU unit. The condition of him was very serious and there were almost 8 people from the ICU team were standing around him. I was told that he was operated just one night prior and now his condition is getting more and more unstable. His son was standing and watching all these medical people yelling for medicines , ventilator and god knows what. After some time, he just turned his back from all and was crying. I believe he had either his friend or some cousin brother with him who came and immediately hugged him. Than they both went inside again and started talking to doctors. That guy was constantly shouting so loudly, and was saying to his dad that he must keep his eyes open and not to close them at all. Listening and seeing all this, brought tears in my eyes. I was shaken like anything and I was just praying that old man must be fine, at least for some more time. I had to come back to see Amit so I left from there. I don't know what happened to that guy but I just hope that he survived and is with his family. I talked to that guy for a very short while as he called me to help him to get his father sit down. At that time only he told me that his father got operated and still, there is nothing that can be said for sure. All I could say was that everything would be fine and I really hope that the same must have happened.

Every time when I go to hospital, I realize one thing again and again and more firmly, we do so many cheating's, tell so many lies, hurt so many people for nothing. All this what we do is for happiness that won't go with us, it will all stay here only. It just takes a moment and all what we have achieved , earned, it just get separated from us and our eyes get closed. Than what for we do all these bad deeds? Why do we hurt others to get happiness when we can't take that happiness with us anywhere? Why do we hurt our loved ones for the sake of those gains which actually would just stay here and would not mean anything when we won't be anymore? What's so much more important is to earn love, blessings from others because only these would go with us. Life is the biggest illusion than why we always strive to make it more fancier by cheating others to get profits for us? I guess, the more early we understand this, the more better we would be. Some one said very truly, "Jag jiondeyan de mele" meaning, this world is happy fair only when we are alive, how so true isn't it?


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