Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Today I got two phone calls from two of my very good friends.  It was almost an year and half when I last spoke to them. I couldn't get a chance to talk to them because they were getting married at the time when we talked last time and since then their old numbers stopped.  As I said, both are very good friends of mine and  even though I wanted to talk to them so much all this while and I couldn't , I was always wishing that they both must be very happy in their newly started married life.  Hearing their voices after this long definitely was a nice and happy surprise.  But this happiness didn't last for long when I heard how they are now?Both of them are not happy at all.  Every day they have to listen so much from their husbands for no fault of them.  This doesn't stop here only, some times things have got more worse than this too.  Its not that they are my friends that's why I am saying this but both of the gals are so much nice!And the reason which is making more upset is that I know why they let themselves get into this kind of hell!Yes they sacrificed their own happiness for their love.  Coz of the selfishness of their loved ones, they asked from both of these gals to go on a different path from them.  These gals suffered, cried so much but they agreed to what their loved ones asked from them and finally, for just the happiness of those guys, moved away from their lives.  They  told me that time that hope they will get some thing this much good that they can live their rest of their lives with some smiles.  But I don't know why God just again punished those two poor souls only who already gave away everything just coz  they got selfish lovers!Why after undergoing through all that pain, heartbreaks, tears and cries, thanks to those two selfish and coward guys,  why God again gave them this much bigger hell?Yes it could have been a different scene if those two guys didn't be so much selfish for just themselves and didn't leave their gals just saying that we are helpless.  Yes it could be an entirely different scene altogether.  But it was never meant to happen as those who have to leave, they just leave without caring about anything, anyone who is left behind.  Without caring what would happen to those gals, how much they would suffer and cry, those two guys left saying just this that everything would be fine with time! But they  forgot this that time definitely heals wounds but the marks of those wounds are never healed by time itself even.  But those who want to leave, they never think about that and that's the same thing that those two guys did too.  I wrote an entry some time before which was about that selfish souls can't love  and its just came to mind again today.  Had those two guys not been selfish just for themselves, those two gals would had been much happier today.  But this wont happen now and they just have to suffer rest of their lives for the sake of the happiness that they gave to their loved ones when they left them.  I really don't know what to say more about it as I am really really so much upset at the moment.  I really wish I could help them both in some way but to my bad luck, I can't!I really can't!I can just pray to that God that if he is there, at least do a fair thing and don't just give tears and pains to only those who already are suffering by the wounds given by their loved ones.  They don't just deserve pain and tears only.  They have a right for some smiles, some happiness too.  I just wish that he listens to me and takes away the tears and pain of those two friends of mine coz they definitely don't deserve what they are getting at the moment.


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