Monday, February 19, 2007


Yes after a long, tiring and tough tour, finally I am back home.  Yes you must be saying that its not going to stay for long and its true too.  Still this tour was among the most tiring and tough tours that I took up in last few months.  Yes there were some mix of emotions too in this tour too.  Good or bad?Well cant say it was all good.  Yes there were some bad and hurting ones and  they were more in number.
My first stop in this trip was at BanglaDesh.It was second time when I was going there.  This time, the modules that I was going to take up were some of the toughest modules that I ever took.  To make things even more interesting, I had a very bad throat infection which almost killed my voice and brought fever too.  Still somehow it all went well, this much well that my local co-ordinator was so much happy from me that he bought me a shirt as a gift.  Though the tour was tough was still it was a nice visit.
My next stop was at Banglore straight from Bangladesh.  Well I landed there at 3am and I had a class at 9am.It was tough to get my self in one piece.  The worst part was that the module decided for the class was way too basic for the partispants.They all knew the basic stuff of administration and wanted to go for advance part.I couldn't help it but still tried to fill the gap by some extra information.  Well it went well too.  In the end, one of my students invited me for dinner.  So me, he with his wife went for it.  I made good friends there.
Last trip was at Hyderabad, place where I love to go anytime.  Well the first day I landed there, I got a call from Lakshmi that we all are going to the Annual Industrial Exhibition.  So me, Lakhsmi, Jyoti and Abhijit we all went for it.  It was fun to be there.  After so long , I sat in all of those rides.  It was great.  Well the tour was also okay.  Has amazingly intelligent persons in the class.  Most important thing for me which happened was that I had an chance to meet with the HR head(India) of my company, Gopal Mahapatra.Amazing guy!So much intelligent and yet so simple.  If you know me,I always have an urge to get myself more furnished and better.  So I asked Gopal to guide me.  Well he asked me some things about me, my style of work and he said to me that you really are good Aman, not just professionally but also on personal terms too.  You don't need any grooming.  Just focus on your work and everything will go fine.  It was so great to listen that from someone like Gopal sir.
Well on the whole, it was a tough tour.  I am still having problems in my  throat.  But hopefully I shall be fine soon.  You must be thinking that I didn't mention about the upsetting moments.  Well I shall reveal them  one by one in my upcoming posts.  For this moment, that's all.
PS: I shall try to update my blogs in the travel too from now on.  My travel puts a lot of gap in it and I really am working to make sure that this wont happen.


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