Thursday, February 22, 2007

Reunion Time....

Today I met one of my very good friends, Jagjit who came from Patna for 3 days.  He is one of my best buddies, someone who is really so much naughty, witty , so much intelligent and sincere.  He has shifted from Ludhiana to Patna due to his family business and it was after one and half year, he had come over here to see me.  It felt so good to her his voice over the phone today.
We met at his office and than we went to have lunch together at Kipp's( its one of the most famous eating joints here in Ludhaina).There was so much to tell to him.  I told him almost everything that was there in the heart coz there is so much that did happen in all this time since he left.  While in the talks, I got emotional too talking about some things but Jagjit as like always did listen to everything what I had to say.  His opinion matters so much to me as he never says anything wrong or partially.  He told me so much and so many things.  As like always, his words were so much true and mature.  Well it was a long but a much awaited talk with him that I wanted to do.  After the lunch was over, we went for window-shopping at Ansal Plaza.  Well as it was window shopping so we definitely didn't buy anything but still something I noticed in the mall there which reminded me something.  I wanted to have a specific design shirt from so long.  Yes I could buy it any time but I wanted to get it from someone special.  Somehow it never happened and today it was right in front of me.  Well if you are thinking that I bought it than you are wrong.  I didn't buy it.  Don't ask why.  Anyway we had a good time there roaming around in the mall, jumping up and down.Jagjit is married with one son but still he is so much naughty!But the best thing that he is so much good from the heart.  So what ever he does, its just for fun.
So after almost 3 hours, I finally dropped him at the bus stand coz he had to catch his bus to his village.  He would be leaving on this Sunday back to Patna and even I wont be here too after this Sunday.  But it was so much good to see him today.  I guess now its my turn to go and see him.  Hopefully will do that very soon.


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