Friday, February 23, 2007

Do You Smile....

Smile, happiness, such sweet and nice words.  Even just when we say them , a nice feeling comes in our mind of happiness all want to be happy and smile so much.  We all want that no pain, no sadness must come even near to us no matter what happens?No matter how much strong someone may be, he/she never wants to be sad, never want to sit and cry for anything.  Isn't it so true?But does it really happen?Does it really happen that we are always smiling and are never  sad?No I don't think so that it does really happen.  Smile is something which doesn't come just from the face only.  It comes from the heart.  When your heart is happy , it will also show from your face too.  When you have no pain, no burden on your heart , it will shine in the form of smile and happiness from your face.  But can we control it?Can we really make sure that we are just going to smile always?Even when our heart is crying then too?Will that smile be real?Will that smile really will prove that we are happy, not just from the face but also from the heart too?
It is still easy to control that we from ourself wont do anything that will hurt someone and give us a reason to be sad thinking about that other person's pain.  Yes this can be done and one must try to do that always that not even by mistake too, hurt someone so that his/her pain would come back to him.  Coz you can get and expect happiness only when you give it to others.  Only when you spread happiness and smiles than they will come back to you.  When you are going to spread pain,tears and hurt other people's hearts, don't expect smiles coz you will get only what you have given.  But still we can control this to some extent.  But what about that pain, what about those tears which are given to someone by no one other but from the most closest person?When you are rewarded by pain,tears and cries by your loved one for just one fault of yours that you loved her, it hurts so much!Every wound gives the pain but the pain caused by the wounds given by your closest ones hurts the most.  When you expect just a few smiles and you get so many tears in return, when you expect a little but of happiness and you get so much pain, its intensity is beyond words.  Those who do this, they never turn back to see what they have done and how much damage it has caused to that other person.  They never bother to look back even and stand for few moments.  Well they don't really have any fault too in it as if they were that much conscious , they wouldn't had hurt those who has loved them more than their own self too.  They just wont ever understand what they have done.  Its very easy to say that smile and always be happy no matter what happens.  People say it to the others very easily and yes it includes those also who have hurt that person but they forget sometimes, some wounds never heal and in the same way, some smiles which are crushed once, they never come back.  Smile is not just an expression of face, its an expression of heart and when someone's heart is crying, its doesn't really matter whether he is smiling from the face or not?
3 days back, one of my good friend Sonal asked me this that do I every smile too?Well the answer I gave was yes and yes its true to some extent.  I do smile.  But as I said just now every smile doesn't mean its true and from heart too.  It may be possible that underneath that very smile, there are so many hidden pains,tears and cries.  I have lost that true smile that once I used to have sometime back.  There are so many smiles now on this face and just on the face but that smile which was mine,that happiness which was mine, is not there now.  It is crushed now to that extent that its not possible to recollect those crushed pieces even now.  I remember few lines which I like so much.  They are about smile only but also depict the pain hidden beneath a smile.  Firstly they are in Hindi.  I shall explain their meaning in English.  Have a read:
Har dil mein dard chupa hota hai,
Byan karne ka andaaz juda hota hai!
Kuch aansuon mein dard ko baha dete hain,
Aur kisi ki hasi mein dard chupa hota hai!
And their meaning in English is as follows:
Every heart is hiding some pain,
Its just everyone has a different way of expressing it!
Some drop it in the form of tears,
Smile of some depict the tale of their torture!
I shall conclude by saying this that if you are among of those who hurt some one and than say to yourself that you have not done anything, you are not at fault anywhere, sit and think once again.  May be you have done some damage for that other person which wont be healed neither by any time nor by any medicine too.  Before ruining someone's smiles forever, always sit and evaluate that how many of them you have actually given to him/her coz if you have not given any smiles than you have no rights to take away the same too.  Smiles once lost are hardest to find, don't be a cause for someone's lost smiles ever.


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