Saturday, February 24, 2007

Love,Some Folds Unfolded Part V....

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Memories are the most precious asset anyone can have and most important gift anyone can give.  Yes only memories have this much capability that they can make one smile and cry  both at the same time. But how many of us today remember the memories?How many of give some happy memories to others?We don't do that now a days.  People, rather than spreading love and harmony, spread pain and tears.  People forget others so soon.  It just takes a moment for the others to forget completely someone's love, someone's care and sometime that "someone" too.  People forget so soon that what the other was, how much he/she loved them and what they meant for him/her?People forget all the tears shed by someone for them , all the smiles that he/she smiled on their smallest success even.  People forget that  someone spent his/her so many nights awaken in missing them.  People forget someone's efforts which were just to make sure that he/she could give them the best smiles, happiness and love of this world.  People forget that someone talked to their pic for hours, weaving dreams that one day that pic will talk too when that person will come in real to them.  People forget someone climbed the tallest mountain of this world for them, crossed the deepest sea for them.  People forget that someone was left crying  by them in the hands of the time and this cruel world, how did he/she survived, whether he/she really did survive or not even?People just forget everything so soon.
I recall these lines which are from a lover to his gal.  He is asking  her pic few things.  They are in Punjabi.  I shall explain the meaning of them in English in a while.  Have a read:
Usdi tasweer to ik swaal pucheya,
Kiven bhul gaye sada sacha pyar pucheya?
Kade aakhde c tere bina nahin sarna,
Aj sar gaya kiven, eho baar baar pucheya?
And their meaning in English is as follows:
I asked her a pic a question,
How could you forget my true love for you tell me?
You used I wont be able to live without you,
How are you able to live today without me,tell me?
I shall conclude by saying this that memories are the only thing which are left with anyone after some time.Dont be a reason that when your memories come to someone, they will force tears to come out from that other person's eyes.  Love is not meet-greet-walk-away.  Its more than that.  Its very easy to be in love, its more easy to leave someone crying but its too much difficult to be with someone no matter what are the times or conditions.  Don't just say "I Love You" standing on the tallest building of this world.  It makes no difference whether you say it from there or whisper in your loved one's ears too.  But before moving forward, I must say that there are those too in this world who say this but they never mean it.  They just say it for the sake of saying, to make that other person happy who longs for hours and some time days even to hear these 3 words.  It hurts so much to wait for endless hours to wait for listening these 3 words.  But some does that too.  They never say this even when they know that the other person wanted to listen it so much!Don't do that ever with your loved one.  It hurts beyond you can even imagine too.Dont make your loved one suffer just for hearing these 3 words.  He/she doesn't deserve this torture.  But something which is more important than saying "I love you " too is that you say " I shall be with you forever, I shall always be there for you" because at the end of the day it is more about support than about declarations, it is more about having a familiar number to call and pour your heart out than about having to put your best voice on.  It is more about caring for the other person than guarding your own vulnerabilities.  Its not about the Valentine day gifts, roses and anniversary dinners, its about standing with your loved one in their toughest times when they need you. Dont leave them in between just because you think that staying with them will  cause you some pain.  If you cant even bear some pain for your love, if staying with them makes you feel embarrassed in front of your people,family and friends, if before declaring this that you are in love with someone, you think that you will lose some options of getting some good job , promotions or anything which is just for you, better sit and decide that whether you really are worthy of saying that you have that what it takes to be in love?Loving someone doesn't mean that you think of yourself first.  Love means that you forget yourself and think about that other person first.  Before you think that you will lose some good option coz of your love, do remember that its very easy to get a new job, get promotion, get some good opportunity but that very person who loved you from the deepest of his/her soul, may be you wont ever find him/her again!Love is not about thinking of yourself.  Love is not that you hurt someone and assume that everything would be fine after some time.  Love is just like a glass, it will shine till the time its untouched.  Once you put a crack in it, it will never be the same again.  And remember, wounds given from those whom we love the most are never healed by time or anything else.  They never get cured.  People leave others saying that time will heal your wounds but they forget that time can heal wounds but marks of those wounds are never gone.  If you cant give someone smiles, try to give him/her few memories which he/she can cherish for his/her entire life.Dont  take away those to from him/her by giving him/her tears,pain and cries as there is nothing else you ever gave too.
All of this is true but something which is most important that you cant make someone realize something by saying about it.  If you really have to tell what is there in your heart to your loved one, if you have to count each and every thing that you did for your loved one in front of him/her, it just means this that you are cracking your head with a fall which will result only you bleeding.  Silence must be heard when one is in love.  Silence must be heard when two become one.  If you are saying all the above said to your loved one and trying to make him/her understand your feelings, there is something somewhere which is not right and above all, there is something very important which is missing ,yes love coz love doesn't need words to make your feelings come out.  Love doesn't need words to express your efforts and your pains and joys.  Love needs nothing butjust you and the sound of your unsaid , unspoken feelings which are understood implicitly by your loved one.  In love, silence speaks but you still need ears to listen it.


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