Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Not Sure Why....

Sometimes it feels that you are so much sad.  You know the reason sometimes and some times you have no idea why you are feeling like that.  But yes it doesn't matter you know the reason or not, you are not in your own at this kind of time.  It feels that some thing inside is broken, something inside is hurting so much!That pain, that feeling is something which is not explainable in words.  Tears lie just at the corner of  the eyes but don't come out.  Eyes don't seem to cry but heart does the same!If tears come from the eyes, at least one can wipe them but what you would do for the tears that come from the heart?I don't know why this happens?If you ask me that whether I am in this state at the moment when I am writing this, I wont lie saying no.  Yes I am and whether I know the reason/answer of this, I shall say that may be I know too.  But still I am not sure why it is?May be its coz of that too much thinking and trying to get deep into of the matters or may be its just lack of my understanding?I really am not sure why?


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