Monday, January 01, 2007

Boys Night Out....

Well yes it was a really boys night out.  As I missed my friend Kirpal's wedding, so we decided to arrange a camping sort of thing.  Well it was me, Gaurav, his brother Nitin, Kirpal and his cousin Mani.We all arranged a camp fire at the factory of Gaurav last night.Its a huge and I mean a really huge complex.  We set the fire, made our dinner over there, served each other.  Music was an inevitable part all the time.  I met Mani for the first time.  I dnt know why I found so him sad when I first met him at Kirpal's home but later on when I came to know the reason for his sadness, I could only do one thing and that to say that have courage and move on.  Yes you got it right.  He was hurt from love, something which hurts the most!I cant discuss over here the details what exactly happened as I have given my words so please don't ask that.  But it was really a shock to hear the entire story.  Sometimes some people hurt others so much that even though they are alive, they long for death in every breath they take.Dont know why some people do that?Anyway it was the first time that I was a part of something like that.  I really liked and enjoyed myself so much there.  We have already set the date for the next night out.  Lets see we can make it or not at that time!


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