Monday, January 01, 2007


Yes I am back.  I left this time for a very long time.  It took almost a month.  But I am happy that everything got well and ended with a good note.  So all is well that's ends well.  In this spirit, I would call it a good tour.
So as you already know that I left on th of last month( and also last year :-)).It was as usual going to be a long journey with the bus from my place to Delhi.  It was as usual a very tiring and rather chilling tour this time as I left in the month  of December.  So I was fully  packed with my woolens and all that!Well nothing special happened on my  way to Delhi and I was there  without creating any "breaking news".Again I had to rush to the airport as my flight was scheduled to fly at 19:00hours(7pm).Well I managed to get there somehow coz my auto driver was acting as he was driving a formula 1 car.  Anyways well it was a great chaos over there at the airport.  Somehow I managed to get my things done,passed the security check and than was in the waiting lounge.  I was waiting with all the other passengers but somehow it was turning to be an endless wait.  The flight got delayed by 3 hours and where I was supposed to reach at Hyderabad at 9pm, I was there at 12.30pm.Great!Well that was not all.  I was supposed to get a pick-up from my hotel.  But somehow I couldn't find that guy anywhere.  I was told later on that he was there only but I couldn't see him.  Anyway I got at my guest house hiring my own cab.  Another shock I got over there was that due to the rush,all rooms were full and I would have to stay in some another guest house(which was nearby though) for minimally two days than only I would be shifted to my guesthouse.Well I had no choice but the people in my guest house were so much nice and they know that I dnt like shifting of myself like this but somehow they requested so much and assured that in two days everything would be fine.  Well than I had nothing else to say but to wait for next two days.  And moreover, I was more worried about my assignment than my stay as it was a completely new topic that I was going to take, so the pressure,tension was immense.  So I just thought to forget everything and focus on my assignment which was supposed to start after 7 hours from this time.
Well it all went well.  It was a real tough job to go for something about which you are not sure about,but somehow I was able to maintain and end it with a good note.  I got the best prize when my manager invited me for a dinner at his home.  He is that person with whom I dreamed some day to sit and talk, and he invited me on a dinner with him.  I dnt think nothing better I can ask for.  It was a truly memorable moment for me and in my life.
This trip was also  nice and memorable as I made few friends.Jyoti,Lakshmi,Fazal and William sir, thanks a lot for being there with me.  I have no words for your support  and care.Lakshmi,Jyoti asked for a treat.  We all went for it.  It was really very nice that we all were together at there.  Also I met Raj from Sat yam computers.  What a nice guy!We jelled together quite well in our guest house.Truely a nice guy!Thanks a lot Raj for bearing my boring jokes.
I wont be able to write much about this trip as there are some things which did hurt me a lot too in it.  On the whole,it was a truly memorable experience.  I shall be leaving very soon again.  But no matter where I go, I guess there is one place where I can go any time and would love to go back to entire gang of Fazal and all.  Now back to preparation of the next trip which is not so much far.  Just tomorrow!


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