Saturday, January 20, 2007


Yup I am back.  It was an okay okay trip and was a bit unusual in some of the things as couple of things happened in it.  Good or bad?Well that's something that is hard to say.  I shall say this that it was all okay only, nothing like good or bad!
So as you know that I had to leave on 15th coz I had my assignment starting from 16th.It was an okay journey as I was going to Delhi only so I took the bus and was there.  But I was not going to stay at Delhi.  I was going to stay at Gurgaon( a city which is quite far from Delhi) so I had to take a cab and go there.  Well it was more distant than I thought initially.  Anyways I was there in about one hour.  It was an okay guest house.  Cant say that it was too good or something like that but it was just okay only.  Anyways the most important factor is for me always is my assignment so I had to worry about it more than anyone else.  So I started the preparation for it.  It was a new and completely different thing that I was going to do so I was a little worried this time.  But I had an assistant with me who was going to come to help me.  This was something which I never liked and never want too.  If you know me than you must know it already that I am not a person who like to take help, so that factor was a little uneasy for me.  Anyways he came for my help so I cant say that it was not good for me.  I really appreciate that Senthil (the other person) , he came for my help and really guided me at all the points where I was seeking either technical or professional advice/help.  One another thing that happened in the class this time that one of my participants name was Bhawesh Patel.Well you must be wondering that what this name is all about and why its so much highlighted?No there is nothing like that its so much highlighted or something but just that very name did ring some bells and that brought some things in mind.  Good or bad things?Well if I am not saying anything explicitly that it was good or bad than you must have taken an idea how I felt right!Well what you are thinking is right that's all I can say.  Anyways I could not do anything about it and moreover there was nothing exactly to be done too as it was just a name of a person whom I was seeing for the first time in that room only so I just decided to focus on my work and tried my best to do that only.  It went okay.Senthil helped a lot and I really appreciate that.  I also had to become a participant myself for one part.  It was an okay class.  Lets see how much I have to work about for  that part now?Hope I shall be able to recall all and wont forget anything/something from it.
There was almost no one in the guest house so I really had a tough time over there after the office.  But actually there was this gal called Rammeya(hope I spelled it rightly) whom I didn't meet.  Only time I met her was one day prior before I had to leave from there.  It was a meet at the dinner table only as we both didn't know that we are there.  She had come to Delhi for 2 months from Banglore.She was a little worried and scared about the place so just told her that not to think about anything.  We had a long talk over number of issues.  She was sounding quite scared  but I really couldn't do anything much than saying that everything will go fine only.  Hope she is going to manage well in these 2 months.
So finally, I finished up everything and set back for home.  It was not so cold at Delhi but over here at home its freezing.  There is a lot that I need to do as there is a pile of work for me to do.  Lets see how much time it will take and moreover I have to finish my blog list and update my sites also.  Hope I shall be able to do all that before my next tour comes up.  Fingers are crossed!


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