Sunday, January 14, 2007

DDLJ & A Thought....

If you haven't watched Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge(DDLJ) than I must say that go and watch it as soon as possible.  Though its a very old(12 years) movie but still even now if you will watch it, you will find that its just as fresh as any other movie which is made in the recent times.  And if you have already did watch it than too you can watch it as many times you want, there is an assurity that you wont ever be bored from it.  Just now it came on the television.  For those who has not seen it up til now, I shall tell a little about the story of the movie.  Its a love story( as the name clearly suggests) of a couple who met all of a sudden on a 1 month holiday trip in London.  Complete strangers in the first meet but in that one month, both come to know about each other.  Now you must be thinking what's so new about it?They came to know each other and fallen in love right?Hmm no wrong!Gal(Kajol) is already engaged by her parents in India to a boy in an arranged marriage.  She tell this to the hero(Shahrukh Khan) so he never tells her his feelings and also the gal never says anything.  Trip gets over and gal returns to her home and from there to India to get married with the boy of her parents choice and guy returns to his home, with a pain that he has lost her for forever and most painful part is that he never got any chance even to tell his feelings.  But he gets motivated by his father and he travels all the way from London to India to get his gal.  Yes the gal's marriage is already fixed, arrangements are going on and he still comes to get his gal, his love who is also willing and ready for the same that is to go with him, her real love!How many turns and twists come in all this, how truly love is portrayed in this movie, you can only experience if you watch it.  Its a Hindi movie so if you are not from India or don't understand Hindi than get a copy with subtitles in your local language and try to watch it.  You wont be sorry that's a promise coz no matter who you are, where are you from, which language you speak, love is same for all the persons on this earth, it has the same fragrance in everyone's heart!Right?
On an another note, while watching this movie, there were some things that did strike me deep within.  No matter how much it was difficult for both guy and gal in the movie, but they both wanted to be with each other, they wanted to live their life together, they stood at all the points with each other!Gal's parents were so much against in her getting married to someone else but she stood and requested her parents so much and made it happen at last!She supported her guy who came all the way from overseas just for her, suffered for her, she valued each and every step of his.  She didn't say to him that she never called him over there so it doesn't matter to her that whether he has come there for her or not or even he has come over there too!She never taunted him that now when he is there, he will just destroy all the celebrations of her wedding with his presence.  She never said for once to him that she doesn't care how much problems he has faced or is going to face, she has nothing to do with anything of that.  She bore all the problems with him.  She stood with him at all the points.  If the guy got a slap on his face, that gal also put her face in front to get the same!This is what is real love is all about.  You don't leave those who love you in between.  You don't tell them and make them feel that whatever they did, it was just a fault of theirs, just a mistake.  When you love some one , you value him/her, his/her love, his/her endeavors that he/she has done or/and is doing for you.  You never make him/her feel that he/she is all alone who wants relation to complete.  One must never forget that if some one wants something to happen, no matter how much difficult or tough it may be, its your will and your stand which can make it possible!But only thing which is important here is that whether actually you want that thing or not?Coz if you never wanted anything like that or have no wish for that thing to happen than you will just give excuses and explanation that why you can't do it and will ignore all the points which can prove you wrong.You will simply never pay an ear to anything which can prove that you are wrong in thinking and doing all that.If you really want some thing to happen than you must have guts and courage to stand for it and make efforts to you best power for it. By just thinking or dreaming, you cant get anything.  It takes a lot for some thing to happen and one has to put his/her heart and soul into it.  But only those do this for their loved ones who really know the value and meaning of love and understand the importance of their loved ones.  For those who treat love like a play thing and treat their loved ones like a wardrobe, for them that person's tears, feelings, sacrifices has no meanings.  They just know about themselves , their own loss and benefits.  Only they can say to some one who has lived and ready to die for them that he/she is a fool.  Only they can make that person believe that when he/she came all the way for them climbing mountains or crossing seas, he/she did a mistake by doing all that.  I have said so many times before too that it takes so much to be in love.  Its not just kisses and hugs, its not just meetings and greetings, its not just gifts and phone calls.  Its living for someone else.  Its seeing that some one special where ever you see.  Its crying for the pains of that some one special and dieing on the behalf of him/her death.  Love is not to kill your loved ones with hurt and pain, its giving them smiles and happiness on any cost.  Its not leaving them all alone in between on the way, its holding their hands in all the times, no matter how much good or bad they may be.  Its not telling them that you have nothing to do with them, its saying and believing in that you are nothing without them! But I guess may be times have changed now a days and so is the meaning of love for people. Now it is more important that whether you actually get some benefits or not in loving some one. People dont care about others now. They care and think about themselves first. Is it right? If you love by mind than may be it is right for you, but love is not from mind, its from heart and with that it can and never will be called right!


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man! how do u write so much???
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and who in the world has not seen DDLJ!
keep blogging

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