Friday, January 12, 2007

I Am Back....

Well I am back.  I guess my blog from past some time has become just the impression of my travel records that's all.  But I really cant help it as when I travel, I don't have a resource to update my blog from there.  So it appears like this from here.  Well I cant promise but yes for sure, I shall do this that with the time, I shall try to keep it more and more active even when I am on wheels.  So coming back to home and also to my blog.  Yes I came back and the trip was a successful one, the most important thing that I want every time to happen.
Well as I was scheduled, I was supposed to be at first destination of my trip on 5th, so I started on 4th of this month.  My flight was in the evening at 5pm so I started a little early from my home by catching bus from my place to Delhi at 8am.Well I got the bus after a little wait on the bus stand but still I managed to get a seat.  It is really cold here at my place at this time so sitting in a bus was a real tough challenege.Anyways I got in it and I was just too much sleepy.  I am not sure why I was but I really was not able to open my eyes.  So if you are this much sleepy, obviously you cant help it but will sleep right!Well yours truly did the same :-).Yes I slept and I don't know when I covered the distance.  I realized one thing that when you don't actually wait for something, it happens more easily.  Anyway I got at Delhi without any big problem.  So I had to catch an auto or a cab to get to airport.  I normally take an auto as taxi is too much costly.  So I picked up one auto.  Well I was there at the airport on time and too my surprise, there was a complete chaos over there.  I felt that if I am really on an airport or at some other place?Or may be everyone wanted to go from their homes and came to airport only that day?Well somehow I got my baggage screened and was standing in the queue for check-in.  Somehow, my mood was so much upset at that time.  Anyways I got my boarding pass, asked whether flight is on time or not, it is on time and I came out.  Well I was sitting there and coz I didn't have anything since morning, I was starving.  So I thought that I shall go and get something to eat.  But I was also a little doubtful as flight was supposed to leave and I may not be able to finish up my meals till that time.  So I just was in a fix whether to have something or not?Well I decided finally that I shall have as and when it was announced that flight is going to be delayed now by 30 minutes.Alrite so I went and bought 1 burger and 1 fruit cake.  Just when I sat and opened the packet of my burger, I heard, flight is ready for boarding!WHAT!Great!Well I couldn't throw what I just bought so packed everything and left for baording.Flight was from Sahara airline.  Was an okay flight.  Food was really bad this time.  Anyway somehow I was there at Chennai, my first destination in this trip.
For me already one room was booked in the guest house.  So I picked up the cab and with whatever instructions I had to find the guest room, I left the airport.Well without too much difficulty(please note that without too much means here is that still I had a trouble in finding it) and just 4 calls to the care taker, I was there at the guesthouse.To my surprise, my friend Fazal from Hyderabad was also staying there in the same guesthouse.Great!He is such a nice guy and when he is around, you always feel so relaxed.  That's what the magic Fazal carries.  Anyways, I met him and we had our dinner together.  I needed to prepare for my lecture and he also had to do the same.  So we both said nites to each other and left for our rooms.  I was having a little fever(and still having) but had no time for rest so just grabbed the book and started making myself ready for the next big morning when the training was going to start.
Well I left for my office at about 8.30 after meeting Fazal.I didn't have anything in the breakfast except tea.  As it was for the first time I was going to that office so I decided to left early as I had to check the infrastructure and set up and all.  Well it did really help as there were couple of things that gave me an initial set back when I was there.  Well I got there at the office at about 9am.There was this co-ordinator called Ganesh over there.  He was a great help and was really friendly too.  But I didn't have my presentation slides with me and moreover the set up was new for me.  I was not able to start the database till first tea break that also created so much tension for me.  I also met Mathhan over there whom I met at Hyderabad long time back.  Well even after the quirks and initial bumps, still everything got started well.  I had my first day lunch with Ganesh only.Partispants were also very nice and friendly.  Well on the whole day 1 went off well and I got back at the guest house with a smile.  When I was there, Pardeep told me that about some old cars that were parked in the basement of my guesthouse.They were owned by the owner of the same guesthouse.He insisted that I must go and see them.  So even though it was quite late, I picked up Fazal and we went to see them.  It was really a surprise and great feeling to see those so much old but still in so much good condition cars there.  Well it was very late in the night so me and Fazal said good nigh to each other.  He was leaving next day only while I was leaving day after tomorrow so I was not going to see him the next day when I was going to come back from office.  Anyways we met at the breakfast table.  Oh I forgot, I also met one more guy Parkash from Bombay.  He was there in the guest house and also was there at the same office with me.  Nice and friendly guy I can say about him.  Anyways day 2 was okay too.  As it was officially an off in the office so no body else was there at the office except  me and security staff.  Well I managed to finish up the class well and all participants were looking very happy.  Some suggested me about the places that I could visit but as it was already very late when we finished the class so I kept for next time.  Which matters the most and is most important thing for me was that all were happy!Mission accomplished :-)!
Well I had to catch my flight at 7.30am in the next morning so I started getting ready at about 4am.Those who know me, they know this that getting late is not in me and I expect the same from others also.  You gave me a time and you are late, well you invited that raised eyebrow on my face ;-), beware!Anyways I was there at the airport at right 6am.To my amazement, I was shocked to see the chaos and mess there at Chennai domestic airport.  It was like a big fair was going on.  Anyways after waiting for 15 minutes in a wrong queue, I finally found the right lane for me.  Yes yes you can smile but it was not my fault.  What else you would expect when there were 5 lanes from same airline and everybody was mixed in those lanes?Ok I could ask ( and that's how I got right lane) but I did that a little late ;-).Anyways I was flying with Air Deccan.I am not sure why but I still cant figure out that why this airline doesn't give seat numbers to passengers?I mean how much time it would take to print two extra digits on that boarding pass?May be its not a right thing to do as they say its for your own flexibility.  Anyways flight was scheduled to fly at 7.30 but it flew at 8.20 coz of bad weather at Banglore.Yup Banglore, my second and last destination in this trip.
So I was there at Banglore at about 10.45am.Took the cab and left for my guest house.  It was in a big residential apartment at "Mantri Elite".As soon as I entered there, I mean when I met the care taker and he took me to my room, I met Parveen.One of the engineers working in the same company for which I was there to conduct training.  Nice and very friendly chap!Had a lot of talk with him on mostly everything :-).Anyways had no time to sit and relax as I had preparation to do.  So just started that long and tiring task, yes you got it, study!
So the next morning after not having breakfast and not even tea, I left for my client place where I was supposed to conduct the program.  Sincere advice if any time you are planning to visit Banglore.Traffic is a mess and if you dnt know the place and are trying or thinking to get to your desired place in office hours, start at least two hours prior to the scheduled time otherwise you would be at your place when everybody would already have left!Well as I told you, I have a (good or bad whatever you put for it) habit of not getting late so I started pretty early and I was there right 45 minutes before the schedule time.  Everything was set except about just one or two things.  Well that I can live with so just started the program without much difficulty.  Though it contained some things which I was doing myself for the first time but still on the whole everything went well and I was able to bring a smile on everyone's face at the end of program.Participants were very naughty but intelligent!On the whole it went well and that's what is most important for me.
Well i must admit one thing that I was(and still somewhere now even) really upset  in these days when I was there.  Why I wont say over here but yes some times it really felt that if I could just in a minute leave everything and disappear, I would give everything of mine to make that happen!
Anyways I left for home and after the program, I was there at the airport of Banglore.Again there was a complete mess and full chaos over there too.  Anyways I was there at the airport and some how I managed to finish my check in and all.  In the check in lane, I met Dheeraj, a fellow Punjabi guy who was coming back from Banglore in the same flight with me.  Well if you know me(if you don't than this is something about me) than you know this that it takes me a minute to get a conversation started with almost anyone as long as I want this to happen.  So the same happened here also.  Me and Dheeraj went along really well.  We had our seats together in the flight also so we were together there also.  On the flight and in the waiting lounge also, had so many talks.  I am not sure what he has thought about me( I am just hoping that it would be good) but I really liked his intelligence and wisdom.  We had long discussions about business, its growth, ideas and implementations, also about some non relevant things too like about changing times of today,marriage, relations and so many more things.  I asked him a lot of things as he is running his own company and his input really gave me some new directions.
Anyways so I was there in Delhi and the first thing that I felt and realized that it was "CHILLED".Yes there is a huge temperature difference between both Chennai,Banglore and North India.  So I put on my jacket and left for bus stand.  It a terrific and nerve cracking experience when you travel in a visibility of just few inches.  My bus was about to collide twice and for once it really did hit a pole coz there was absolutely no visibility.Anywas still some how, some way I am still alive( I guess so) and back at home.  There is a lot that I have to finish but with my health and some pending tasks, I am not really sure that how shall I be able to cover up all the things?I yet to have finish reading all the blogs, prepare for some things and also to get ready to leave, yes leave as I am going very soon again.  But for the time being, I shall just sleep as I am really tired.  So see you soon!Nites!


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