Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yep, I Am Alive & Surviving....

Yes, just in case you guys have thought that I am dead, unfortunately not :-) . I am still alive and surviving in my session. That's another story that I am almost alike dead only with no dinner  and sleep from last 4 days! Just in case you don't know, I am here and I am staying at Taj Samudra, Colombo, a really BIG 5-star hotel! Its a good hotel. Yes you heard me right, I just mentioned "good" only about it as I simply don't get the idea of spending so much of money( that too in foriegn exchange) just for about 13-14hours of my time which I spend there in the night. There is so much of staff which is almost all the time when I see, is standing idle or either wandering around with no real business or need whatsoever! Or may be I am just not fit enough for these kind of hotels where people just come to show that they can spend buckets full of cash on things which otherwise don't really cost that much at all! And to make things worse, I had carried very less cash with me so I can't really spend any dime on anything, not on my food as well. Why did I do this stupid mistake? No, let me again clarify, I am not on a holiday trip here. I am working here and been sent by my company here who thought that staying in a 5-starred hotel wouldn't cost more than 100$! Yeah shoot me if you want! Now you know the reason for me not having dinner right? Alright enough of whining about things.
To be honest, I am really not worried about the hotel, place, weather, world , anything at the moment as I am spending all the time that I am having with me on preparing the module that I am delivering here. This is one of the most toughest and biggest modules that are offered in Oracle database technology stack and yours truly is handling it ! I don't have any idea how things are going though I am putting my best of the best efforts to make them go in the right direction. There were some small hiccups which I managed to resolve. Then there came a big one for which I needed some one to raise a service request(SR what we call it) and it got resolved today. Two days are over and its the 3rd day going on. Delegates are busy doing their lab sessions and I am sitting here writing this blog post because in my hotel, the category of room in which I am, doesn't get free wi-if access and otherwise the cost is good enough to give me a heart attack! I have just finished one of the toughest and most core chapters and I hope I did deliver it okay, if not well! But I can't be relaxed and say, WOW yet as there is a lot more still left to be done! Hope all goes fine!
One thing which I am really feeling here is of being alone. Not the loneliness of being physically alone but of being mentally alone. I know it shouldn't be there as my family and few of the closest friends like Ashnoor, Saini are standing with me but still, I am just remembering the time when I had to go to Hong Kong and then to Philippines , there were so many issues happening at home, with my mom being unwell and tons of other things like these. I was striving to hear just few words of support but didn't get them, thanks to, not sure what reason I should put here! Heck,  the person I called, he didn't even bother to answer despite knowing that I am calling because of being scared that my mom is probably leaving me at any moment! It hurts so much to see when you need someone the most, the person gives an excuse of being busy and just leaves saying that he has to be selfish for himself as this is the best thing to do! May be I need to learn the same lesson, I need to learn to be busy and selfish for myself as well, some thing which I couldn't never actually do and I doubt that I shall learn to do so in the future as well. Anyways, back to the reality, I am going back to see what the delegates are doing. More updates later!


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