Saturday, November 21, 2009

Finally, A Much Needed Small Break....

I have just got back home this morning. I have been traveling since last 3 weeks continuously and I must mention, this wasn't a comfortable tour at all, both mentally and physically. I was supposed to start travel again tomorrow as well but the schedule is bit rearranged now and I shall be starting in next 2 days. I definitely need this break because  I am finding myself really blown up. I don't know what's the reason of this but its true and I can feel the mental and physical fatigue very clearly over me! Hope this short break would help (if not much but just a little bit too) me getting myself recollected. Let's see!

I had been traveling to all the places where  there never is any winter season. So it was little uneasy for me (and especially without any woolens) to come straight into a temperature of 18 degrees. And this became much worse when I started in the bus when I had to face the chilling wind without any woolens. My mom mentioned to me that it would be a tough travel and she indeed was right. I just hope that I won't fall sick before my travel. So I guess, lots of tea and woolens are needed and I am going to get both of these things asap :-) .

The program went fine( I guess) . The delegates were great and did participate really well in the program. Its always a great pleasure to discuss about Oracle database with the people who are really willing to listen about it. It was a mix group of delegates where some already knew about it very well and were even certified as well and some were just starting. I hope for both the categories of audience, things went well. I always realize that its a short world and this time too, this saying just came true one more time when I came to know that one of the delegates is a former colleague of another friend of  mine, Sabdar Syed. Surely, its a short world! I hope I was able to say few words which would help the delegates to understand oracle database in a little more better way and I thank all of them for being so patient and helpful. Thanks guy, I had a great time and I hope you would say the same!

I am going to take a short nap before I get back to prepare for the next tour. There is a lot that I need to do, including a writing assignment work as well whose deadline is approaching quite close for this month! Wish there were just few more hours in a day and/or I just could have 2 more hands and one more brain :-) .


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